Do You Believe My Word?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: Do you believe My Word? There are multitudes who claim that it is Me that they serve, yet when I desire to speak to them, they do not believe Me. This is because they allow their minds to be clouded over by fear, unbelief, doubt, and inward disputation with Me. I do not want My people to be in any such condition. I want My people to listen to the voice of My Holy Spirit and obey the commands given.

I do not want My people to believe the many voices that are clamoring and ranting in these times. I want My people to believe the Spirit’s commands and dictates unto them, for in the same they will receive what I have for them. So it is that while people are praying and making their requests known unto Me, when My Spirit speaks to them, they refuse to listen and obey the same.

There are multitudes who cut themselves off from miracles that I want them to have because they allow unbelief to influence them in contrary directions, and they do not accept the commands of My Spirit. In essence, they do not believe nor do they receive, because they refuse to listen to and obey the word that is given to them by My Spirit.

I do not want My people to be locked into doubt, fear, and the evil of unbelief. So often, My people to do not rebuke and refute the liar and his demon forces. Rather, they listen to such voices, yet refuse the voice of My Spirit. I do not call them to such a place. They go there of their own accord, and by the same live in the deception of their own conception. Be aware that I do not want My people to be locked into doubt, fear, and unbelief. I desire that My people move in accordance with the commands I give them, that they are found in obedience rather than disobedience.

If you truly consider how ugly people become when they are listening to the demon forces, it is evident that they have accepted the lies and do not believe My word. Those who do so are cutting themselves off from the life flow that I want them to live in. The ones who will hear My word and obey the same will find that they are given the mercies that I alone can provide, and they receive the miracles I have in store for those who will receive.

Be glad even this day that you can trust Me, for what I say that I will do, I do, and I do not withhold any good thing from the ones who will walk uprightly and believe My word as the truth and obey the word. There are multiplied mercies and miracles that I intend for the ones who choose to believe upon Me.

It is My desire and My intention that My people live in the realm of miracles and do not give way to the many voices of misery that want to grab hold of them and devour their faith in Me. Why not have the testimony that you believe My word and receive the miracles and mercies repeatedly in your lives?

There are those who believe the lies of the liars and accept the same and act out the misery such foul spirits want them to live under. I do not want you to be under the false assumption that the way the enemies offer is My way for you. I want you to know and understand that when I have the way prepared, it is My intention that you walk in that way. Those who want to lose will end up in misery because they will choose the same by inward accusation against Me.

Stop and consider that I the Living God am the God of abundance, and I want My people to live and abide in that abundance because they trust themselves to Me. The more that you trust Me, the greater works will you do, because you are going forward in faith. Do not ever resort to an evil heart of unbelief, doubt, fear and accusation, for the same is the course of the miserable.

Those who have chosen such a course are not satisfied to keep their miseries to themselves. Rather, they want those miseries to bring others under the covering of death. Misery loves company, and those who are constantly complaining are doing so to their own demise and destruction.

Do not be comfortable with complainers, for their demons will attempt to jump you and cause you much turmoil and trouble. I do not want you to be among the miserable; I want you to be among the ones who are receiving My mercies and My miracles as the way of life that they live in day by day.

When My people are true to Me, they will not easily be swayed to defect to the devil and become fools for the same. They will steadfastly continue, knowing that through My Spirit’s commands they both live and receive the miracles and mercies, because I give to them in abundance.

The ones who receive, believe, and act on My Spirit’s commands will have the testimony of the victories that are found in and through Me. Those who want to lose will of their own intentions choose to accuse, and by the same continue to accuse and make excuses for their own unbelief.

Realize that the word is truth, and that by My word the very earth came into being. Likewise, the essence of human life was brought forth by My word. Everything that I have brought forth has been through My word. Therefore, realize that the word is your life, and as you receive the word in faith, not giving way to fear, you will experience repeatedly the joy that is present.

My Son repeatedly demonstrated miracles that were given to the ones who believed the word He spoke to them. Those who did not believe did not see the miracles of mercy, because of their unbelief. Believe My word, obey the same, and live in the peace and joy of freedom in Me as your Maker.