Bitter Quitter or Rejoicing Refugee?

I speak unto you this day and I ask: What do you really want to be? So often, people have a delusional imagination as to what they see themselves as. There are some who claim to be believers, yet they are deceivers, for it is not Me that they listen to, nor do they obey the directives of My Spirit. Instead, they see themselves as far more committed than they are.

In reality, they are bitter quitters who have given up on Me, on My promises, and on My way. While they put on an external facade of religion, their hearts are hard as stone, and they are adamantly opposed to My dictates and standards of conduct. Because of their own choices, they cannot do as I want them to do. Instead, they are going in the way of fools, and by the same they refuse to forgive others their trespasses against them.

When they lock up in such bitter mindsets, they are literally demonstrating that they are quitters who have departed from My higher way and have gone in the way of fools. Fools go about to establish their own righteousness because they no longer want to adhere to My way. In such, they set out to find their “own way,” and their end is damnation.

When you are adhering to Me, then you are being guided forth in the way that I intend and provide, and you will find peace and strength in the same. As you walk in the steps of My Son Jesus, you will understand that He did not end as a bitter quitter. In fact, He ended His earthly journey as a man, with the petition that I forgive His enemies.

So it is, if you really consider the penalty that men, women, and children pay for settling down in the bitter-root valley, it is terrible, for their thoughts, their actions, and their minds dwell continually on bitterness. In the same, they become contaminated and likewise contaminate others with their bitter attitudes and hatreds for those persons, circumstances, and situations that have turned them against Me.

I do not want you to be a bitter quitter. I want you to be a rejoicing refugee, whereby you are finding that you can run into Me in the times of danger. The truth is, when you are adhering to the pathway that Jesus established, you will find how much I am ever present and with you.

As you give yourselves to praising and thanking Me, there are many ways that you will see beyond a doubt that yes, I care for you, and I will uplift you each and every day in the peace that only I can provide. While peoples, tribes, and nations are ever engaged and enraged in the throes of bitterness and hatred, I can and will uplift and guide the ones who are loving My way more than their own.

Do not allow yourselves to be encased in the love of self and the demand of the old king or queen to regain the throne of authority over your lives. Instead, be giving yourselves over to My will, My purpose, and My plan for your lives, for in the same you will see that there is no good thing that I ever withhold from you, because it is My desire to see you kept in Me. I am indeed the high tower of strength and safety, and I am the One you can run into and be kept. Likewise, I am the rock on which you can stand as the waves are washing multitudes to death in the sea of iniquity.

Know of a surety that as you continue to humble yourselves before Me, you will find that the abundance that I give to you is everlasting, and in the same you are enabled to give Me the thanks and praise. It is not a shame to be a rejoicing refugee, for I intend that My true people would always find their refuge in Me. My people are not meant to seek for refuge in the world, for the world is full of lies and liars. Remember that it is the devil and his demons who rule in the world.

Therefore, for My people to seek refuge in the world is considered betrayal, for they are making the world’s way and the world’s wisdom their idols. I do not deal kindly with those who worship idols. The most guilty are the ones who have known Me and walked in My way, then have turned to idolatry and taken up the broad way, which is the way of the world and ends in destruction and damnation.

I want My people to be faithful and true to Me, not seeking their direction from the world, but rather from, through and by Me, for I am their source and their resource. Be all the more glad this day that you do not need to cleave to the madness, the sadness, and the hopelessness that rules in these times. Be thankful that you can adhere to Me and follow the commands and directives of My Spirit and see Me deal with your enemies and likewise with the local, national, and global wicked rulers who have lost their minds.

When you see the strife and jealousy that the world’s leaders are in, it is all for destruction, devastation and ruination. Do not under any guise imagine that I want you to be involved in such things. I do not. I want you to be completely involved with Me as the One you love and want to please.

Remember you are the citizens of My kingdom and are not looking to the world for solutions or things that are right in My sight. Keep your vision single unto Me and aim for the higher way that I intend you to walk in. Do not be quick to obey demons, nor to follow in the steps of fools. Realize that while they are giving forth their dictates, they are driven by the demons of destruction that have taken possession of them.

The whole world is at war, and I do not want you to be participants in the same. Over and over, you will be led by My Spirit as you walk in humility before Me. The way of the bitter quitters is not for you. Rejoice as the refugees who run into Me.