Entrusted or Disgusted?

I speak unto you this day and I ask: Do you want to be found as those who are entrusted, or as those with whom I am disgusted? When I do give to people treasure, they are meant to invest the treasure as I would direct them to do. They are not meant to hoard the treasure then moan and groan because of their bad opinion of Me. My people are not meant to believe the lies of the liar in reference to My character and assume that I have entrusted them for them to in turn do nothing with that trust because they have accepted the lies of the liar.

When My people want to form a bad opinion of Me, it is because they are making false assumptions as to the quality of My character, and they are disgusting to Me. Men, women, and children are not meant to serve Me with suspicion and mistrust. They are meant to serve Me in absolute obedience, and trust that I have goodness prepared and intended for them.

Therefore, in this wicked and perverse generation, do not be hasty to make assumptions that are not of Me and by the same be taken in the course that will prove to be distressful and disturbing. When I have provided abundantly to those who are Mine, then they in turn do not trust Me, I am disgusted with them. This is because they are making assumptions of evil with reference to My intentions towards them.

I do not intend evil towards My people. They are the ones who invite the same unto themselves because they are receiving the doubt, fear, and unbelief being pumped into them by the devil. Why would I give to My people only for them to tighten up and refuse to give in return? The reason is simple: they are believing, just as Eve did in the Garden of Eden, the lies, enticements, and beguiling of the evil one.

Be thankful that you do not need to listen to the liar, but you can invest at My Spirit’s direction that treasure which I have entrusted you with, that the same would be increased by the investment you make. Do not think that I want you to be involved in those things that will bring you harm. I do not. I want good for you, both in this life and the life to come.

Those who refuse to do as My Spirit directs them are putting limitations on what I am able to do, and by such behaviors they are attempting to rule over Me. If you stop and consider how utterly stupid that is, do not be as the ones who are operating according to their own understanding and grieving Me in the same. When anyone imagines that they have the right to rule over Me, they are making such a big mistake that I am disgusted with them, and that which I have given to them will be stripped and they will have nothing.

It is of course the foolish who hold a high opinion of themselves who imagine that they can rule over Me. While they have the pride that makes them haughty and high minded, that very pride is the thing that gravitates them to the devil’s lies so that they believe those lies. When you see people who are losers because they are accusers, know that they have a high opinion of themselves and their own judgments about Me.

I do not want My people to be caught up in the lies of the devil and his demons. I want them to be clear in their thinking and by the same able to process all that I do for them in the proper perspective. The reality is that I am the God of goodness and I intend the same to be given to My people. Those who trust in Me as being good will not be in constant questioning as to the purposes and plans that I have for their lives. In fact, they will be glad to move forward in what I want and do as I direct, because they are enabled to do so in abandonment unto Me. Therefore, know that I do not withhold any good thing from those who walk uprightly in Me.

Let My Spirit search your hearts even this day and see if you are trusting in Me or the lies of the liar. Are you investing the treasures I have entrusted to you as My Spirit directs, or are you closing your mind and your heart and believing that there is no sense in obeying Me?

I do not want you to be found living in double mindedness or in doubtful disputation with Me. Rather, I desire that you would trust Me, for I do not keep you separated nor isolated from My goodness if you continue onward in the faith walk.

To have faith in Me is to believe what I speak to you and obey the same with gladness and rejoicing each and every day because I have intended and do provide for you everything that you have need of. Be glad even today that you can move forward in faith rather than draw back into an evil heart of unbelief. If I cared for you before you even knew Me, cannot I care for you now and guide you by My Spirit each and every day in the blessed way I have intended for you to live in?

It is by goodness and mercy that you are intended to live, because you belong to Me. Even in situations where you cannot see the future, I will give you many blessings as you walk forth believing, trusting, and knowing that I alone am your life source and I provide. Do not be as the proud who trust in their own understanding. Be as the adept who believe and receive of Me because I am indeed well able.

More than anything, realize that I will give to you all that you need in every circumstance and situation. Look at the evil that came upon humanity when Eve believed the serpent and brought about their banishment from the Garden. Don’t be deceived; be entrusted and proven worthy of the trust I have that you will make use of My treasure.