Guard Your Garden

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are living in times of great adversity, perversity, and insanity. The demonic powers that are raging throughout the land are attempting to irritate, subjugate, and infiltrate any and all that are open to them. The purposes of these dark forces remain the same: kill, steal, and destroy. I absolutely do not want you to be subject to such darkness and iniquity. I want you to be subject to Me because you are called and chosen.

I intend that My people would keep their hearts with diligence and exercise caution in all that they allow themselves to take in, to view, and to review. I do not intend that those who are Mine would be subject to the thievery, the witchery, the violence, the murder that are so common in these times. I desire that My people would be continually subjecting themselves to Me. I am the One who does care for their souls and wants those who are Mine to be kept for My purposes.

Therefore, realize that it is My intention that My people would keep their hearts with diligence and obedience to Me as the One they love and want to please. Since you are called and chosen, let it be Me that you will look to each day and serve with gladness and rejoicing. More than anything, I desire you to walk in the truth and to partake of the light that I give to you each and every day.

There are multitudes in these times who have chosen to go a whoring after the world and yet they claim that they are Mine. However, it is not Me that they serve and respect, for they choose to believe in Media and her minions, the wicked workers and the messengers of insanity, rather than Me. In such ones I am sorely displeased because they are proving themselves to be unworthy. Their choices are according to uncleanness and corruption rather than holiness and righteousness.

I do not intend for those who are Mine to go after vanity and insanity. I intend for them to be dedicated, consecrated, and separated unto Me, for I am the One they are meant to please and serve steadfastly. Therefore, be glad that you do not have to walk in any other way and by the same be deviated, for I have provided My Holy Spirit both in you and with you, and the same is given to guide you each and every day. Know of a surety that those who are losing by believing the lies of the liar are doing the very things that will prove to be the destruction and the damnation of their souls.

I do not want My people to enter into covenants with unbelievers and imagine that I will bless them in the same. They absolutely will not be blessed; they will be cursed, because what they are doing is choosing to be in covenants with those who are not of My kingdom.

I do not want you to be in such covenants, for they are detrimental to the furtherance of My kingdom. Realize that when it is Me that you are seeking to please, you must keep yourselves available to Me and not entwined with the dark and wicked forces that evidence themselves at all times.

The truth is that when there is danger all around, it is stupid to take a plunge in the sea of iniquity and imagine that in the same you will not be contaminated and degraded. I have never intended for the ones who are Mine to be in such ways. I intend for them to continue steadfast in the way that I give them to walk in, and to know that it is Me they can serve with gladness and rejoicing.

Do not be under those things that the enemies want you to believe, for the same are not of Me and are sent to infect you with darkness and cause you many sorrows. This is why it is so important to guard the garden of your hearts and keep subject to the commands of My Holy Spirit. There are many who start out right and end up wrong because they allow themselves to be deviated and turned aside. Over and over, they are distracted and taken into captivity by the very things that are deviations from My purposes and plans for them.

If you are attentive to Me, you are not led astray, but you are uplifted and able to pay attention to My business. Therefore, do not grow angry or accusatory when you see the wicked in their so-called prosperity, for they end in hell and can take nothing with them in the dark caverns of hell! They are blinded by the god of this world and they love it so, because they are greedy for gain and the same will prove to be their condemnation.

Realize that you are pilgrims and strangers, and you are to guard your gardens and not receive the very seeds of deceit that want to grow like weeds and overtake you. It is My intention that My people will remain faithful and true to Me and keep their hearts each day steady with Me because they are not eager to go after folly and end as fools. When anyone is too lazy to guard their gardens, the same will be overgrown and non-productive as the consequence of their slothfulness.

Be glad even today that you are involved with Me and want My will and are not following the orders, commands and demands of demons. You are not meant to be in the fellowship of the damned; you are meant to be in the true fellowship with Me as your Maker and your Keeper. Realize that My intentions for My beloved are for good and are intended to give them the way wherein they are united to Me as the One they love and serve.