Use the Dominion Power

I speak unto you this day and I say: Use the dominion power that I have given to you. You are not meant to be subject to the powers that want to see you dead. You are meant to assert and use the powers that I have given to you, for they come of Me. Therefore be alert and alive in My Spirit, and do not let the demon forces gain the upper hand over your bodies, your minds, and most of all, your desire for Me and My kingdom.

The truth is that the demon powers will always be attempting to sneak-attack and get you to accept their messages of sickness, afflictions, attitudes, and reactions. However, you are not meant to be controlled by demons; you are meant to be controlled by Me through My Holy Spirit. When you hear the commands given to you through My Spirit, obey the same and come forth rejoicing that it is Me that you can be dependent upon and follow after.

It is not intended that My people be the host for demonic parasites that want to leech out their strength and leave them helpless against such powers of darkness and iniquity. My people are meant to adhere to Me as the One they love and the One they please. I do not want My people to be dominated by the cares, the concerns, the troubles, and the terrors that are the vexations of the world’s people. My people are meant to adhere to Me and know that I am the One who is ever present with them as they walk uprightly in Me. I absolutely do not intend for those who are Mine to be dominated by demons. I intend for My people to use the dominion power they have been given.

If a man has a car in possession but he never uses the car and is left, in his mind, without transportation, it is because he is not using what he has been given. Consequently, he sees himself as stranded and unable to move forward in the way that I intend for him to go. Yet the fact is he has the car. It is his and he has the ability and the license to drive the car. So, what is the problem? He is not using that which he has and therefore is boxed in by his own mindset.

So it is when My people allow the demonic forces to swoop in upon them and convince them of the lies that they implant in their minds. Then, My people allow the false burdens to become theirs, and they are unable to do anything about them, except go down under the weight of the burdens. They are failing to use the dominion power, and the consequences are defeat, discouragement, depression, and despair. How the enemies love to see My people in such conditions rather than asserting the aggressive action and militant stand in warfare against the forces of darkness.

I intend for you to be walking daily in victory, for I have given to you all that you need to be brought forth and uplifted in the power, the strength, and the glory that I will provide daily for you. Be knowing of a surety that there is no good thing that I withhold from you as you are walking uprightly and adhering to My standard and principles of conduct.

Therefore, be glad even this day that it is Me that you are given the opportunity to obey and follow and that as you do, you will see that you are not meant to be victims but victors, for through the inheritance you have in and by Jesus, you are given the power to overcome all forces of darkness and iniquity that want to captivate you.

Do not be overly absorbed in the creature comforts that your own carnality will demand you to have. Rather be alert to the fact that it is Me the Living God who is well able to provide for you all that you need in every circumstance and situation that arises. When you keep your vision and your actions in line with My Spirit’s directives to you, you will not be taken into the captivity of the multitudes who are subject to the rule of insanity.

National and global leaders are possessed of insane demons, and they are acting out the dictates of the same. Over and over, they make rulings and demands that are totally in opposition to sound wisdom. By their authoritarian dictates, they force people into modes of behavior that are in direct opposition to My standards of conduct. Because of such leadership, many are sinning wildly because they are living in abandonment to uncertainty, perversity, and insanity.

As My people, you are not meant to be subject to such distracting and disturbing madness that will only bring you sadness in this life and hell in eternity. Realize that you are absolutely not intended to be dominated over by demons. You are meant to take dominion over demons and drive them out of yourselves and others.

This in mind, know that you have power far above and beyond the powers of demonic forces, because such has been provided to you. If you do not use the dominion power, then want to complain about your circumstances or situations, I do not pity you. This is because you are not using the resources you have available and therefore no one else is to blame but you.

Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude and do not enlist in the complainers’ corps. I do not want to hear you giving way to whining and complaining. I want you to be praising, giving thanks, and praying to Me for the things that My Spirit shows you to pray for and to pray against.

It is a good thing to be in cooperation with the commands of My Spirit and thereby able to use the dominion power over demons. See them driven out rather than dominating over you or others.