Escape or Endure?

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not ever seek to escape My will as did Jonah, who ended up in a terrible situation because of his determination to run from Me. I do not want My people to be counted as cowards who are in rebellion against Me. Rather, I want My people to be in obedience and courageous to do as I ordain for them.

My people are meant to labor for Me in full abandonment of their own lives and willing to endure the course that is set before them with thanksgiving and gladness because they are redeemed. When I sent Jonah on his mission, it was not that he would be mistreated; it was that what he had to say would be respected and obeyed.

After Jonah went through his painful rebellion and he came back into obedience, he saw clearly that there were a lot of lives at stake. However, that is not to say that he was joyful in his mission, but rather that he learned obedience by the things he suffered. I desire that My people will learn obedience from their sufferings and not go through the same ordeals over and over because they are in rebellion against Me.

As is evident, fools are beaten with many stripes because they are the ones who are self-willed and stubborn in all of their ways. Such behaviors as they choose bring them many unnecessary sufferings, and they go in the same cycles over and over. I do not want you to go in the same cycles; I want you to come forth and be uplifted in Me, for I am the One who does care for you and want you to march onward in the way that I intend and ordain.

Therefore, do not be hesitant to obey the commands of My Spirit as you are set for endurance until the end of your earthly journey. The quicker you obey, the greater is the mercy that I give to you. I am well aware that many times I call My people to enter into the unknown and to risk even their very lives to fulfill My calling over their lives. Yet, I desire that My people would know that if their time on earth is over, I have a much better home awaiting them, and the same is eternal as well as beautiful.

In reality, it is much better to leave this sin-cursed earth when you have endured and finished your course than it is go in the way of fools and be devoured by demons and end up damned. I do not want My people to operate in accordance with the commands of demons. My people are meant to operate in obedience to My Spirit’s commands to them, for they are called to obedience, not disobedience.

Be thankful that you are given such a privilege as to be headed to heaven rather than hell! Those who are imagining that they can do as they please when they please are fools, for they are being beguiled by spirits of death that want them damned and in hell. I do not choose damnation for anyone; they choose the same because they find their pleasure in the will of demons and the indulgence of their own carnality.

Stop and consider that carnality is the enemy of godly spirituality, and those who choose to live only for their flesh will of the same reap corruption. Corruption is rottenness, and their choices for the same cause them to be a stink before Me. The smell of their corruption and the rottenness of the same are offensive to Me, and I do not want the same in heaven. Therefore, they are the ones who through their “escape” choices are certain to enter into and remain in hell. Those who end in hell as their abode are not given any chances to escape the same. Their sentence is permanent, and there is no escaping the same.

While men and women imagine they can escape My calling and not have to endure, they are actually walking right into the trap and are snared by the demons lurking there, as well as their own self-love. Those who are loving themselves and wanting their will above Mine are not worthy of Me, My Son, or My Holy Spirit. Those who endure the course that I set before them are the ones who will receive the crown of glory, and they will find that in the same there is abundance of mercy that I give them while on earth. Be glad that you can live out your time on earth under My mercy rather than the misery that is the cup of demons.

I desire that My people know and understand how important it is to finish the race rather than quit and look for excuses. It is better to endure than to waste time in any way other than Mine. If you consider that the waster is sent to destroy, do not give yourselves to the same. How many waste their lives on earth, always putting themselves as the center of all and then see the futility of such fantasy after it is too late.

I have no joy in the fools who are chasing the wind. I have joy in those who are going forth determined to endure until the end of their earthly journey in the way that My Spirit commands. When you look upon the end of fools taken in their folly, they do not escape anything at all, despite all of their imaginations that they do.

In fact, their contrariness and self-love end them in the horrors of hell, and there is no escape from the agonies of the damned who are determined to disobey. When they are found in the never-ending fires of hell, they face over and over the stupidity and insanity of their choices, but it is too late, because they were wise in their own eyes.

Do not look for any way to escape My call for you. Determine to endure, and rejoice each day that I give you the strength to go in My way!