Iniquity or Integrity

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be aware that multitudes are trained in iniquity in these times, and they operate according to the same. No longer are people being trained in integrity whereby they operate according to honesty. Rather, they are trained in corruption, and the same they live by. For them, what they do is not considered to be evil, for they are not under the covering of My principles. Rather, they are under the covering of demons, and so it is that they function.

There are so many who have no knowledge of Me because they live in nations that have gone a whoring from Me and chosen the ways of the heathen rather than My way. Know that the younger generations are victims of the sins of their fathers and do not know the way that I intend, nor the principles that I have laid down for people to live by.

Of course, I have put in every person the factor of conscience, yet few are paying heed to the same, because they have been covered by demons and trained in the principles of iniquity even as children. Consider that I have declared in My written Word that children are to be trained in the way that is right, meaning the way of righteousness. However, in these times the children are being trained in the principles of iniquity and automatically act according to the same.

Reality is not beautiful concerning the generations that are coming forth. Nevertheless, I the Living God am well able through the power of My Holy Spirit to overshadow the emerging generations and cause them to cry out for Me and be moved by My Spirit to want salvation through Jesus Christ. Therefore, believe Me that I have intentions that will dispel the powers of iniquity and break the slave chains that have the multitudes captivated in sin.

It is Me the Living God who is well able, and it is through Me that the power and glory will be revealed. I intend to overthrow the powers of iniquity through My righteousness revolution anointing that I will bring forth in these times of iniquity and the insanity of the same.

Considering that I am far above all of the powers of men and demons, be glad that you can come forth rejoicing in the revolution you see coming forth by Me. Do not look at the condition of the generations trained under iniquity and grow discouraged. Rather realize that through My nuclear power anointing those powers of iniquity can and will be completely destroyed and not able to keep those who desire integrity.

There are to be found among the generations of iniquity those whose hearts are crying out for integrity that can only come through commitment unto Jesus Christ, My Son and the Savior of all who desire to change. I do see how pathetic the victims of iniquity training really are, for according to their covering they face nothing except damnation. Such a future is because their ancestors chose in opposition to Me rather than for Me. Because I know how these generations have emerged, I do remember them, and I pour out My Spirit upon them that they will come into righteousness revolution.

For those of you who have been trained in integrity, be thankful that I have heard your prayers for the victims trained in iniquity. I am not void of concern for them, inasmuch as they are needy of salvation although they have been trained for damnation. Rejoice and be thankful that when you have given yourselves to intercession for these lost generations I have heard your prayers and I am moving even now by My Spirit upon them.

Look to see drastic disasters coming upon the old wicked masters of iniquity who have imagined that they will remain forever on the thrones of darkness. They will not, for I can turn them over, and they will be devoured by the very darkness they have advocated, supported, and lived in. While these tycoons of evil have believed themselves to be invincible in their iniquity, I will show that they are easily disposed of by Me.

Carefully pay heed to the drastic disasters I bring upon them, and give Me thanks and praise because it is Me who will bring down these masters of iniquity and show them up for the fools they are. Be glad even this day that those who have been bound by the training of these insane masters of iniquity will be set free. Just as any liberated slaves, some will desire their chains back, yet more will be thankful to be set free and they will follow after Me because they will come to salvation mercy through Jesus.

Then My Holy Spirit will take such ones into the Spirit life that I desire for them, and they will find more and more hope because they are following in the steps of Jesus. Yes, it is Me the Living God who is bringing hope to the hopeless, helpless, spiritually homeless generations, and who will use them mightily as they emerge, born again and trained in integrity. In contrast to the darkness that the world is promoting, I am showing forth My light. Some who have been terribly blinded by the god of this world will have their eyes opened to behold the glorious light and come forth in the same.

Truly, you are going to see great miracles of mercy, and the most unlikely will become true followers of My Son Jesus and not be ashamed to declare what He has done for them. These ones will not be cowardly as are so many “church Christians.” Rather, the former slaves will be courageous, and they will go forth and do mighty exploits for My kingdom.

This day, be thankful to see the strongholds of iniquity brought down and integrity restored!