Too Late

I speak unto you today and I say: Do not be as those who are lazy and not diligent in their commitment to Me, nor steadfast in their labors for My kingdom. There are some who imagine that they can do as they please when they please and I am supposed to be well pleased in the same. Such ones as these are lazy regarding their spiritual lives, and they will find out too late that they are not acceptable to Me.

There are many who are claiming that they love Me, but they do not love Me; they love themselves and what they are led by demons to believe is their “own way.” However, they have been duped and deceived because they are not in their own way when they are in disobedience to Me. They are in the way that demons have directed them, and that way will end them in damnation of their souls forever.

It is absolutely shocking how many people in these times want only to do what they want and yet claim to be Mine. The truth is, they are not choosing to please Me; they are preferring to please the god of “self,” and in the same they are dead towards Me. There are many who are living in the delusion and confusion of these times, and in the same they imagine that their hearts, their motives, and their deeds are hidden from Me.

There is nothing done among the sons of men that I do not see, and I do perceive the wickedness that people commit over and over again. Such ones as these are caught up in demonic delusion and they are taken in the confusion of their own way because they love it so.

It is one thing to commit sin and repent for the same and turn from that sin completely. It is another thing to commit sin, repent, then return over and over to the same sin or sins and do them again. Those who are returning over and over to the same old transgressions are repeat offenders in their behaviors because they will not abandon their sins.

I am sorely displeased with those who willfully turn to sin and imagine that the same is not evident to Me. I repeat it: There is nothing hidden from Me, and those who choose to lose will do so in this life and in the life to come. I do not change My standards of conduct for any generation, and when the generations grow hard and calloused regarding relationship with Me, they lose. I will not accept them no matter how much they imagine they need to be received by Me. I am not the one who puts them in the place of transgression and violation; they are choosing the same, and their sins will find them out.

Of course, the whole nation is operating under confusion, delusion, and insanity, and multitudes love it so because to them, life is one big free-for-all. I do not want you to be in the free-for-all state of being. I want you to come to Me and know that I alone am well able, and there is none like unto Me.

Be thankful that you do not need to take up the stupidity and the blindness that causes multitudes to lose their souls and be caught up in the crazy days that are ever present in these times. It is indeed a good thing to look to Me, to believe in Me, and to know that I am indeed well able and that I will supply.

Do not be weary in doing what I ask of you. Rather rejoice and give Me thanks and praise. I do want you to be rejoicing for the privilege to live for Me and walk in obedience to My Spirit’s commands. If you consider how many there are who are in obedience to demons, it is a privilege to live, to abide, and to come forth in obedience to Me as the One True God whose power and glory remain.

How foolish people are when they are simply imagining that they can get by with whatever they please. There is none who gets by on Me. Instead, they are locked into the sorrows and the shame that comes upon all who want to do their own thing.

When you are choosing to serve Me in gladness, you are not found among the desolate, the doubtful, the depressed who look only for what benefits them and not My kingdom. Over and over, they go in the way that is vile and full of ugliness and excuse themselves from the conviction of My Spirit because they are right in their own eyes.

It is foolishness to refuse My standard and take up the standard of the world, which is the broad way and proves to be the way of fools. Those who are choosing to be fools are choosing the sorrows and the miseries that accompany the same. They are waiting until it is too late, yet imagining that because they are so great, everything they do is all right with Me.

The truth is that not everything they do is all right with Me, because what they do is violation of My intent and My standard. Although fools are beaten with many stripes, the majority of them never change, nor amend their ways, thereby ensuring themselves a place in hell. There are vast multitudes who are waiting until it is too late, then finding that the ark is closed and they drown in the sea of iniquity as the filthy waters of sin surge over them.

Be glad that you can serve Me in the attitude of gratitude and labor for Me as My Spirit directs you every day. In the attitude of gratitude, you are enabled to see and partake of the miracles and the mercies that I give you as you are adhering to Me. Be all the more thankful to know that there is none who can replace Me, for I am the invincible, the enduring, the everlasting God. My kingdom remains forever.