Mission Restoration

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who does ordain Mission Restoration for My people. It is not My intention that My people would remain scattered, tattered, and torn forever. It is My intention that those who are Mine would be regathered, renewed, and restored by My mighty hand. Consider that it is Me the Living God who is fully in control, and I will show forth to a wicked and perverse generation that I am able to have a holy, dedicated, consecrated, and separated people.

Know that the things that My people cannot do of their own strength are possible and made evident through My power and My glory. Be thankful that you can be included in the Mission Restoration and see that when it is My timing, none can stop Me, for I am the Almighty and I am far above all of the powers of men, tribes, and nations. Therefore, do not look to the arm of flesh, but look to Me, for I alone am your resource and your strength. You do not have to think that those who are mere men and women are your help. They are not!

There are times and seasons in My kingdom plans, for I have determined it to be so. When I determine a time or a season, there is no one who can stop those moves. Keeping this in mind, know that I am moving by the invincible power that is found in Me and that there is none like unto Me.

I absolutely do not want My people continually reaching out to the arm of flesh and imagining that the same is their resource. The arm of flesh is not the resource of My people. I alone am the strength that My people have need of, and when those who love Me look to Me, I provide, protect, and push them onward in My will.

Realize that while I the Living God have allowed you to be tested and tried in your faith, and you have experienced what it is to be scattered, tattered, and torn, you are not meant to remain in that place forever. Instead, you are called and chosen to move onward and upward in Me, for I am with you, and when you cooperate fully with the commands of My Spirit, you are able.

Do not look at your own carnality and think that you are too old or too weary, or don’t like to make moves. I do not want you to be imprisoned by your carnal reasoning, which will attempt to undermine the mind of My Spirit. When you choose to obey your own carnality, you are obeying the very thing that wants to take control of your lives so that you lose out with Me. It is not intended that you allow your own carnality to rob you of the treasure that I desire and delight to give you each and every day, for I have abundance of goodness intended for My people to receive.

This is My time and My season for Mission Restoration, and the same will prove to be an effort, yet well worth all of the work put into the same. Yes, I have good intended, and the same will be provided if you adhere to My Spirit’s commands and directives. My people are not meant to grow independent of Me because they have gone after the world. In such straying, most quit praying and believe the demons of doubt, unbelief, fear, and insanity that are raging throughout the world at this time.

I am not wanting you to be among those who think that My requirement for restoration is impossible. In such conjecture, know that you are being influenced by demon powers rather than Me. Why should you believe those demons that want you to remain tattered, scattered, and torn? Stop and consider that I do not intend for you to remain down forever. I intend for you to be refreshed, renewed, and restored.

Therefore, be in full cooperation with My operation and know that there is none who is able to stop Me in My times and seasons, and this is My timing. When I am ready, then My people have got to move, and move swiftly. This is because I do not find pleasure in those who procrastinate and likewise lose the opportunity that I want them to take for My purposes and plans. It is indeed a blessed thing to be purposed by Me and to know that I cover you when you are in cooperation with Me. It is Me who wants My people to be totally My Own and not lingering in the world because of fear and unbelief.

Consider that I do not want My people to be under the covering of an evil heart of unbelief and by the same to be found bound and unable to move. Unbelief is a great evil in My sight, and that is why I have given to My people the shield of faith that they do not accept the arrows of unbelief and let the same penetrate their hearts.

These are times when men, women, and even children are dying from literal heart failure because they are locked in by unbelief and fear of the future. What a tragedy when people give in to the tactics of the demon forces who want them covered in doubt, dread, and depression. I do not want people to be locked in by such ugly and destructive forces; I want them to look to Me as the One they can trust themselves unto.

Do not be quick to surrender to those evil demons that are full of all manner of wickedness and want to cover you in the same. You are meant to be covered by Me, for I am the Almighty God who has created you. Therefore, know of a certainty that I will be with you in every mission that I ordain for you to enter into and complete. This is My time and My season for Mission Restoration, and the same will be accomplished by My people, and all resources will be abundantly supplied by Me.