Pleasure or Treasure?

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not choose according to your own pleasure, for the same can easily prove to be your destruction. There are multitudes in these times who are wasting endless hours choosing according to their carnal pleasures. They sacrifice, they work, they lust for, and they achieve their carnal pleasures, only to find that the same do not satisfy.

I do not intend for people to drive themselves to achieve those things that offer them pleasure in the flesh yet cannot satisfy their souls. The purpose that I have for humanity is the achievement of the true treasures that can only be found in and through Me. I do not want My people to run after the transitory pleasures that the world’s people are continually looking for. I call My people to seek for Me with all of their hearts and continue to do My will and not their own. As they walk in obedience unto the commands of My Spirit, they will achieve and receive the treasures that are stored in the heavenly dimensions with Me.

When it is Me that you are looking unto, you will not be found in the place of hopeless despair, unable to gain the treasures that remain. Remembering this, do not give yourselves over to the lusts of the flesh whereby you will gain nothing at all. Rather be giving yourselves to the desires that I have for you as My people, and you will by the same gain true and lasting satisfaction as well as the treasures that are eternal.

Far too many of those who claim to be Mine are yielding to the lust for pleasure and in the same are pursuing the false values that are ruling the world’s people. My people are not meant to be following after folly; they are meant to be coming forth in the way that I intend, and in the same finding that when it is Me that they are serving, goodness is given. That does not mean that they are not hated for their identity with Me, but it means that I will give to them goodness that brings joy.

There is a vast difference between pleasure and joy. Pleasure comes mostly through the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the heart. Joy on the other side means to come into the goodness, the mercy, the compassion and the kindness that I delight to give to My true ones. Why not seek for the joy that comes of serving Me through My Son Jesus? As you are in obedience to the commands of My Spirit, you will not be found lacking for what you have need of to fulfill My calling for you.

Therefore, as you are enabled to be content in the way that My Spirit leads you, you will not be disturbed nor depressed by circumstances and situations. Rather, you will be participating in the goodness that is found by those who are abiding in Me. There is no branch that is not abiding in the vine that remains alive, for the branch cannot live without the tree or the vine. So it is with My people. They must continue to abide in Me in order to receive of Me.

Be glad that you have not been cast into the pile of dead branches only waiting to be burned. Rather, you can continue steadfast and know that in and by Me you are enabled to be receiving of all that I give, for the same is life eternal. I do not want you to allow your tongues to find pleasure in the lust for power whereby you criticize and backbite one against another. My people are not meant to be continually striving against one another. Rather, they are meant to pray for one another and encourage one another.

Be thankful that you can see that when your carnality wants to find pleasure in the problems of another believer by gossiping, you can resist and refuse such motivations, for they will devour your integrity with Me. I want My people to be alert and alive in terms of the warfare that is at hand.

Do not trust your old nature, for the same will attempt to get you to devour and destroy those who are your brothers and sisters in Me. The same old nature also wants you to doubt and dispute with My Spirit’s guidance over your lives. These attacks are empowered by demons who trigger your tongue and your old nature into uprising and condemning the new life I have given to you. This is done to get you to go on a spree seeking for pleasure in carnality rather than seeking Me through prayers and praise.

As you are serving each day in the attitude of gratitude, you will see how privileged you are to be redeemed and given the hope that I love to give you as you are coming forth knowing that I reign supreme. It is indeed a good thing to be reliant on and compliant with the leading and guiding of My Spirit, for the same is given to you as treasure. Do not treat contemptuously the treasures of My Son and My Spirit. Rather respect and honor them as you likewise honor Me.

When you will remain in humility, you will see clearly the futility of pursuing the pleasures of carnal cravings. Likewise, you will see that those who do so end up in the broad way and in the end will be damned. It is senseless to waste the life you have been given chasing after those things that are deceitful and destroying.

Be thankful that as you walk in humility you will be guided away from pride and the ugliness of the same. Instead, you will find that in Me is the hope that will stir you to keep on the straight and narrow way. Your lives are given by Me, and they are meant to be used for Me and My kingdom. Do not be as those who are wasters; be those who are tasters of My joy!