The Miracle Message

I speak unto you this day and I say that I have provided the world, through My Son Jesus, the Miracle Message whereby people are given the opportunity to be born again of incorruptible seed. When Jesus was sent by Me to the earth, My intention was for human beings to be reconciled to Me. Their reconciliation would come by believing the Message and believing that He was, is, and will always be My Son.

Jesus did not come into the world for men, women, and children to continue in the sins that separated them from Me. No, He came into the world that those who would follow His teachings and remain repentant would come forth demonstrating the Greatest Miracle.

The Greatest Miracle is the privilege given through believing upon Him, and that is salvation, for He is the propitiation for all who believe upon Him, which means that He was, is, and forever will be the substitute for the sins of all people who will come to Him repenting and believing Him to be My Son.

It was never My intention for people to abuse the mercies that are provided through the sacrifice of Jesus. Such ones as choose to be abusers are losers, and those who are will find themselves under miseries rather than mercies. It is not My desire for people to end in hell fire. It is by their choices to abuse and accuse that they lose.

Be glad that you do not need to be found among the ones who are violating Me and imagining that they get by with the same. They do not get by at all. In fact, they are bound in the sinfulness that they choose above righteousness, and because of their own bad choices and behaviors, they will pay for their play. However, those who refuse to listen to the abusing and accusing demons and to act out their demands will be found ever present in the mercies that I do intend and provide.

Know that it is My first and foremost choice for all to be redeemed, for the price that was paid by Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice, inasmuch as He willingly laid His life down in order to see people saved. Despite My choice, there are endless multitudes who choose of their own accord as they are influenced by demons to trample the precious pearl: Jesus, My Son.

When people so motivated by their own dislike and even hatred for the truth turn to lies and choose to believe the lies of the liar, they are being ensnared and taken into captivity. The prison houses they become trapped in are the result of their motivations in deviation from Me. Never have I wanted the same for them. I have wanted them to walk in the mercies, the truth, the life, the love, and the light that I give to all who will receive as they believe upon Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

Those who are hell bound and hell bent will not repent because they reject through their own rebellion the Miracle Message as well as the Miracle Messenger. I do not damn men, women, and children. They are the ones who choose such a course by their refusal of that which I do intend for them to believe in and live in.

I am the God who is the Living God, and of course, My desire is for people to be made alive in Me. Know that because of the original sin, all people are born into sin and are dead in sins and trespasses. I do not want to see people remain dead when I have provided for them the opportunity to be born again of incorruptible seed. It is truly tragic how many reject that invitation to life and choose to remain in darkness and death because they love to do evil and hate to do good.

Believe Me, I know the ones who will make the changes in their lives as they become new creatures in Christ Jesus and adhere to Me as the One they love and want to please. They will not remain dull, dumb, and dead spiritually. Rather, they will enter into new life, rejoicing to be redeemed and giving thanks and praise for the Miracle Message and My Messenger. The seed that is sown in the receptive will not be wasted, for they will be eager to walk in the newness of life they have been given.

Stop and consider that salvation is the most precious gift anyone can ever receive in their entire lifetime, and if they cherish that gift and obey the commands of My Spirit, they will mature and bear much fruit. It is not intended for men, women, and children to abuse and accuse and likewise lose out with Me by their own demonically influenced choices. The ones who are choosing to be losing are loving the same because they want the darkness rather than the light who is Jesus.

When people intentionally reject mercy to take up misery, do not feel pity for them, because they want only to go off on their own and in the same be found hopeless because they have opposed the hope. Those who make it their determination to end in damnation will get what they want because they are loving to continue in darkness and deeds of evil. By the wicked imaginations they live in, they will die and be damned in the same.

Do not allow your minds to be influenced by demon spirits sent to kill, steal, and destroy. Rather choose the Holy Spirit, for the same will be ever present both in you and with you to guide you in the way of the Miracle Message. As you are serving each day in the attitude of gratitude, you will know what it is to live in hope, trust, and confidence in Me as your Creator. I am who I say that I am, and you can be in the Miracle Message, totally alive.