Suffocation in Defecation

I speak unto you this day and I say that the world is full of the defecation that is being evidenced everywhere. I do not intend for people to be suffocated in such filthiness as is available to any and all in these times. Even children are prematurely exposed to the depraved, vile, filthy, and perverse iniquities that are readily available and being openly displayed.

How far must people sink in the defecation before they are suffocated by the same? I do not want you to be under such assumptions as so many make that somehow such things as go on representing evil are no threat and they will just somehow “go away.” The truth is, such things will never just “disappear,” for the devil and his demons will only increase and multiply their assaults if the people who are Mine lose their first love.

When those who claim to be My people no longer resist sin but rather turn themselves over to the same, then they become increasingly more corrupted by their choices for the vile rather than the precious. It is My intention that those who are Mine would stay true to Me and stand against the seeping, stinking mire of defecation that is being spread over the whole nation and around the globe for that matter. No longer are people willing to behave themselves, but rather, they have grown increasingly more vile and perverse in their behaviors.

So it is that those who are in positions of responsibility and accountability are not directing people in the way of wisdom. Rather, they are showing them that “wickedness pays off” and those who are pursuing the course of wickedness are receiving the more prosperous way. This is because those who should be accepting the responsibility and accountability of being in leadership are choosing to be following folly. They refuse to do right and choose to do wrong, and by the same give the example of disrespect and disobedience to the multitudes who are eagerly following along.

The truth is that unless people realize how utterly wicked their own hearts really are, they will go after that which I have forbidden and have no remorse over the same. Because they are imagining themselves to be wise, they are listening to their carnal minds rather than submitting to the mind of My Spirit.

I do not want people to be in the suffocation that sin will bring upon them and likewise go under the seeping stinking mire of the spiritual and natural defecation that is covering multitudes. It is My intention and determination that the people who are claiming to be My true believers would keep alive and alert in the Spirit and not allow the filthiness to defile them. My people are meant to be the salt to hold back corruption and they are meant to be the light to give forth such to a sinful and dark world full of dying people.

When My people fight against evil and refuse to incorporate the same into their lives, then they are enabled to see that evil incorporated is the acceptance of death and damnation. I do not want you to be accepting the course of damnation as inevitable. I want you to be fighting against the forces that are covering people in the defecation that brings them suffocation and of course damnation.

I want My true united believers to realize how much they are to refuse, resist, and refute the wantonness, the wickedness, and the wretchedness that destroys. My people will always have the commission that I have ordained for them if they are staying alert and alive to the commands and dictates of My Holy Spirit. As those who are representing My kingdom, they are not meant to give themselves over to the sinful ways that are so commonly accepted and even promoted as being good.

Truly, you are living in times when the wretchedness that accompanies sin is being made more and more visible. Vast multitudes are homeless, helpless, and hopeless, and are found everywhere. As though the problems that exist will somehow solve themselves, leaders make insane decisions and do nothing to stop the influx and invasion of immigrants. These then end up either treated like kings and queens or taken up in the homeless, helpless, hopeless army of street vagabonds or endless wanderers.

Since national and world leaders have chosen to oppose Me and My standards of conduct, it is the new normal to be corrupt, contaminated, and criminal in conduct. I do not want people to be found in the shape that sin takes them. Rather, I want them to be walking in the standards that I have provided for people to partake of that they can have mercy rather than misery and blessedness rather than wretchedness. Therefore, as those who are My messengers, continue to proclaim the truth, for it is the truth that sets people free from the slave chains of sin.

Consider the mercies that I have given to you and then declare to others that through and by My Son Jesus they can repent and come into abundance of mercy likewise. It does not give Me pleasure to see people in misery and wretchedness, for I have mercy and blessedness stored for all who will walk in the way of Jesus. In that way is found the life, the love, and the light that can only come from Me.

Do not be filled with anxiety and worry because you are far from Me and under the covering of demons. Rather realize, as you are being shown the suffocation in defecation, that souls are facing damnation and that it is My intention that you declare to them the joys and hope found and given in salvation.