Reprobate: Dull, Distant, Disapproved, Damned

I speak unto you this day and I say: There are many who grow reprobate by degrees. First off, the enemy forces encourage them to grow more and more distant from Me. They listen to the world, to demon voices, and to Media and her minions. By the same, they become more interested in the world than they are in My kingdom.

The erosion of their faith, trust, and relationship with Me is a gradual process, and they do not even notice that it is happening, because they have grown distant and by such are no longer in active relationship with Me. Because of spiritual sloth, the ones who end up reprobate give themselves to the forces of hell and lose respect for Me. Be knowing that there are more reprobate ex-believers than most Christians ever realize. This is because most “Christians” are only involved in rote religion and not relationship whereby they allow My Spirit to daily search their hearts.

Do not be found among the ones who are allowing themselves to grow dull and distant from Me by yielding to the desires of evil spirits rather than My Spirit. When you are absorbed in My kingdom purposes for your lives, you will see how much your carnal mind is the enemy of My Spirit. As you are alert and alive in the Spirit and truth, you will not be eager to pursue the course of the world because you will see the dangers found in the same.

Those who have taken up with the world in love affairs will find out too late the damage to their souls caused by their spiritual adulteries. I do not call My people to end up reprobate because they allowed themselves to become infatuated with other lovers, other gods. However, the world, being the broad way, is full of enticements and enchantments calling for the multitudes to be involved in the same. When those who are professing to be Christians get eyes full of adultery, they will follow after the course of their own destruction because they have grown dull and distant.

It is indeed a tragedy to look upon some who were once burning with divine desire for Me, My Son, My Spirit and My kingdom become reprobate and obviously damned because they were enticed and enchanted. To give up on pursuing the course of My righteousness to take up the course of worldliness is to take up the broad way and end up damned.

Therefore know that it is up to each believer to choose to stay in right relationship with Me, or to allow themselves to become dull, distant, and disapproved by indulging the lust of their eyes and the lust of their flesh. Do you consider how many are caught up in the lust of their eyes by the daily bombardment of Media and her minions?

Others are caught up in the trap of materialism because they are assuming they need everything to make them appear rich and increased with goods, needing nothing. The example of many so-called Christians in these times is prosperity—dull, distant, and disapproved with too much of the world and not enough of Me.

The stress that is upon believers to conform to the world is unbearable if they are not keeping their hearts ever before Me. It is easy to surrender to the world and all of its enticements and enchantments and by the same to end up dead spiritually and reprobate concerning relationship with Me. Be aware that I do not call My people to collapse to conforming and compromising with the world. I call them to continue looking to Me to give them the strength that they have need of.

Be thankful that as you are daily repenting and allowing yourselves to be under the searchlight of My Spirit, you are kept in the pathway of obedience, which is the way that My Son left for you to walk in. Jesus did not stray away by the temptations offered to Him by the devil in the wilderness. Rather, He gave continual refusal and refutation to the wicked one’s enticements and enchantments.

Because Jesus was in the place of humility and commitment to accomplish My purpose and plan for His earthly mission, He was determined to obey Me and not accept the invitations the devil offered him. He was well aware that multitudes are so dumb that they actually believe the devil, who is the father of lies. Jesus was not dumb. The reason that He perceived the underlying message of the enemy is because He was submitted to Me and My purpose. Jesus was not caught up in His own lust for power or praise from people. He was purposed and determined to stay abiding in Me.

Those who will finish their courses in respectful behavior towards Me are the ones who will see what happens to the reprobates and know that they do not want the same. I allow the true believers to see the miseries of those who have become reprobate in order for them to see how really damned they become by their listening to lies and believing the liars. Know that the world is full of lies and liars and that if you look to the world as your solution, you are turning to the very way that will prove to be eventual damnation of your souls.

Do not be easily enticed and enchanted even if you are living in the land that is full of enchantments. Be marking your enemies and refusing to listen to the demons that will attempt to bombard your minds and your bodies. You are not meant to be enthralled by any offer the enemies make to entice you or enchant you to the extent that you grow dull, distant, disapproved, and damned. Stay alert, alive, and active in My Spirit.