Testimony of Sin Is a Shame

I speak unto you this day and I say that when My people turn aside from Me and their testimony becomes sin, then they are a shame to Me and I am disgusted with them. My Son Jesus, who kept Himself from sin, did not die for the salvation of souls for them to return and wallow in the mire of sin. When they do, then they become vile and wicked in My sight because they are choosing those things that are disgusting and vile above the righteousness that I want My people to live and abide in.

Never have I wanted those who represent My kingdom to become as the world’s people and thereby imagine that they are pleasing unto Me. They are not pleasing to Me in any way whatsoever. In fact, they are not only bringing shame to Me but also they are causing those who are unsaved to feel justified in their sins because of the misrepresentation of My standards. I do not consent for My people to enter into and remain in sin, then lay claim that they belong to Me. They do not belong to Me. In fact, they belong to the world, and it is the world that will cause them to become My enemies rather than My friends.

Why should I be pleased with the people who have chosen the corruption and wickedness of their own lusts and abandoned the purity that I want to see My people come into? Consider how offensive it is to Me when those who are claiming to be Christians behave in ways that are more corrupt than the people who are living in sin.

I gave My beloved and only begotten Son Jesus to come to the world and do the mission I sent Him for. He was obedient in all points, even to dying on the cross, that souls could be redeemed from the penalty of their sins. I did not intend for men, women, and children to think they could continue in their sins and still be in the category of the ones acceptable to Me.

When anyone chooses to sin continually, they are choosing the very way that will end them in devastation, destruction, death, and damnation. This is because by their willful disobedience they have purposed themselves to live in separation from Me and the righteousness of who I am. Their rejection of the salvation mercies that are available through Jesus will bring to them the miseries that are the consequence of continual sin and transgression of My standard and the dictates of My Holy Spirit.

Be thankful this day that you can draw close to Me and as you stay in that place, you can and will increase in godly wisdom and understanding of My way. The way that I purpose for people to walk in is higher than all of the ways that men and women choose in opposition to My way. As people will indulge themselves in willful and open rebellion, their testimony is sin, and they are loving it to be so! If My people resort to such behaviors, then they are doubly damned, for they have known My way and departed from the way that I intend for them to walk in each day.

I will repeat it over and over again that the wages that accompany sin are death, and those who persist and insist in continual sin will reap the death and damnation that await them. I am not mocked, and I judge men, women, and children according to their doings. I do not make allowances or compromises for people of high estate, nor do I approve those who are of low estate whereby they have no riches to buy themselves friends. Indeed, I will always remain as the Holy God, and I do not want My people to be filthy, perverse, and vile.

It is sin that separates My people from Me, and when they are indulging themselves in those things that I have forbidden, they are literally asking for their own death and damnation. I created people to have the factor of conscience in their lives and for the same to operate in their lives. However, when people are accepting the commands of demons and walking out the same, they are the ones who are refusing the guidance of My Holy Spirit as well as the pangs of their own consciences.

Be fully aware that I will mock the mockers and I will scoff the scoffers, and those who have imagined that they could sin and never pay for such were total fools. You are not intended to be fools and go in the endless cycle of foolery. You are meant to be made wise and to open your eyes and see that I will give you the wisdom and understanding you need as you trust and obey Me.

There are many who are utter fools and wise in their own conceits who are in positions of high regard by humankind. These are present in religion, politics, government, industry, science, education, medicine, etc. In fact, fools are found in every nation and in every culture. However, My people are not meant to follow the pattern of fools and give the testimony of sin and by the same be a shame.

How tragic it is when those who have known Me turn aside to sin and become an outright shame and a disgrace to My Name and the righteousness that I require and desire of them. Be thankful even this day that there are many things that I have intended for you, and I want you to have such things in the here and now.

This is because I want you to experience My kingdom as it is in heaven while you are here on this earth, which means that your conduct and your words are meant to give honor and glory to Me as your Maker, your Keeper, your God, your Savior, and your Deliverer. The true treasures are given to the ones who will enter in and remain, inasmuch as they are good and faithful to Me.