Child-Like Faith

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is in Me, My Son, and My Spirit that you are to have child-like faith. Keep trusting, no matter what your circumstances or situations, that I have everything in My control. This is because it is Me the Living God who will always make the way for you and open doors before you that no man or woman can open.

When I open doors, do not be afraid to walk through those doors and trust Me that I will make the way for you in every aspect of your lives. Be thankful even this day that it is Me that you can keep your confidence in at all times and likewise know that I am who I say that I am! My people are not meant to write the chapters of their lives, nor are they meant to write the ending. Such is up to Me and is the way that the Spirit leads them in every circumstance and situation.

I do not intend that My people would be fretting and fussing over those things that are beyond their control. In such situations and circumstances, they are meant to be as children trusting in Me as their Heavenly Father who does care for them. I’ll always will be available as they are dependent upon Me. It is My intention that those who are serving Me would know and understand how important it is to be ever confident and trusting that I will provide, protect, and purpose them in their earthly pilgrimage.

Do not be overwhelmed with the cares of this life, for the same have destroyed and devoured many who formerly had their trust and confidence in Me as the One they serve. Because they allowed themselves to get caught up in the world, they trusted in the world’s ways rather than My way. Inasmuch as they looked to the arm of flesh as their source, they were cursed in the same. I do not want My people to be dependent on the arm of flesh; I want them to be dependent on Me.

If you really stop and consider how Jesus set the pattern when He called all who were weary to come to Him and take on themselves His yoke, it was to make it clear that they could trust that His yoke was easy and His burden was light. This was, is, and always will be, inasmuch as My sheep and My lambs are meant to know what it is to be found ever abiding. When anyone is abiding in Me, they are provided for. Calmly think of what life is without Me as the central focus: everything becomes scattered and chaotic, in the sense that multitudes enter into the mania of their own understanding.

Inasmuch as you are living in times when profanity, perversity, and insanity are running rampant, know that the ways that people interpret as right are not right at all in My sight. This is because the demonic powers that are motivating vast multitudes as well as those found in high places are causing much turmoil, trouble, and terror. So many are literally being controlled by fears that are totally consuming and overwhelming them.

It is not My intention that those who are Mine would be found in the clutches of fear. It is My intention that My people, be they young, middle aged, or old, would keep their confidence by having child-like faith in Me. The reality is that a child does not set out to make his or her own way. Rather, they trust in those who are in the parenting or grand-parenting roles to provide for them and show them what to do in their situations and circumstances. In these times of insanity, My people must not allow themselves to reach out to the arm of flesh, nor yield to the many voices that are ranting and raging against the truth.

When it is Me that you are ever looking unto, then you will not be easily deceived because you have not put your hope in those things that pass away. Rather, you are hoping in Me and believing that I am the Heavenly Father who cares for you at all times. Have not I cared enough for you to send My Son Jesus to you as your Savior and Lord? Do not I give to you the indwelling Holy Spirit to be with you at all times and guide you into the Way that I have for you to be in?

There are many who will try to control your lives, because they are full of demons that want you to lose out with Me and become as they are. However, what they want for you to do is be controlled by demons just as they are and to be found in the throes of destruction, death, and damnation. Be aware that I do not want you there; I want you to be ever alert and alive in Me and purposed for My plan and desire for your lives.

Many children are totally alert and very active. To be in child-like faith does not mean that you are curled up in the fetal position, dreading to face the days as they come. No, to have child-like faith is to be found ever abiding and knowing that you are being cared for by Me, your Creator. There is the perfect peace that is available to all who will walk in the pathway that I provide and be found content in the same.

You are not meant to make your own way. You are called and chosen for My way, and as you walk in the steps that Jesus set as the pattern, you will find that My Spirit guides you each day. Do not quench the Holy Spirit and give your ears to the maniacal demon spirits that are unleashed in these times. Rather, be knowing that such spirits are full of evil intent and are not at all meant for you to follow.

Be glad that you are gathered and given the covering that you need. The covering protects you from the devil and his demons, whose goal is your damnation. Rejoice that you are in salvation.