Purified by the Refiner’s Fire

I speak unto you this day and I say: You must be willing to be purified by My refining fire, for the same will burn out of you those things that are of no value in My kingdom. I do not want you to be caught up in the transgressions and violations that are so common in these times and cause even My own people to be covered in vile sins that are offensive to Me.

When I the Living God do burn the impurities out of you, do not think nor imagine that I am evil. Rather realize that through Me you are given the opportunities to partake continually of all that I give, for I am indeed well able to give you the strength to endure. I do not want My people to come before Me covered in the filthiness of the world, nor to be adhering to the ways of the ungodly and assume that they are pleasing Me.

In these days, the majority of those who are loudly declaring how great they are as representatives of My kingdom are deceived because they have chosen the world above Me. In such choosing, they obviously are losing out because they are trusting in their pride and flashy displays of worldliness. Such ones as these want only to promote themselves and use My Name to make their gain and their fame. They have no respect or regard for what I desire them to be. Instead, they are flaunting themselves and pretending as though they are the greatest of religious leaders.

Be aware that I find them to be repulsive and I do not regard any of their displays as deserving of favor, because they are consumed with self-love and the determination to get what they want by using My Name as their crutch. I do not find such ones to be balanced, for their greed and lust for the things of this world have caused them to be unstable souls. This is because they are living in luxury outwardly, yet inwardly they are under torments, for they have refused My refining fire in their lives.

Stop and consider that I absolutely do not intend that those who are supposedly preaching the Gospel be unpurified and therefore cover their followers in the coverings of the world rather than Me. They, in their unbalanced state, will hound and hound for more and more money in their demands to be worshiped. If you stop and consider, they literally cause multitudes to become bankrupt in their faith, for when such men and women are openly exposed in their sins, their followers give up.

There are few of such ones who come out of “big-time religion” and enter into relationship with Me. Instead, they lock into anger against Me and want to accuse Me because they worshiped mere men and women who were self-lovers rather than lovers of Me and My kingdom purposes for their lives.

This is why it is so important that you allow yourselves to be purified by the fires of refinement that I will send, so that you are not covering others in the uncleanness of worldliness. Count it a privilege to be serving Me with all of your hearts and knowing that as you are purified by fire, so are you covering My sheep and My lambs with the coverings of My kingdom.

It is not My intention that My people end in a ditch, yet when the blind follow the blind—those blinded by their own pride and the demonic enticements and lies—all end in the ditch of despair. I do not want you to be in such a category or cage of religious burnout. Rather, I want you to be accepting of the way that My Spirit will lead you forth by a plain path and give to you all that you need to be found well-pleasing to Me.

Keep the standard and obedience of My Son Jesus. Be thankful even now that you are not meant to be troubled and tormented because of transgressions and violations of My way. As you gladly accept My fires and allow them to release you from demon powers that want to keep you in delusions and lies, be all the more rejoicing that I have good intended for you. Do not believe the accusing demons that want you to think that I have evil intended or purposed for the ones I love. I absolutely do not.

Be knowing of a surety that when it is Me that you serve, you are brought forth in the way that leads to eternal life in Me. Keep steadily trusting in Me, for I give to you the way that is light, love, and life. As I am loving you as your Heavenly Father, I know what is best for you both now and forever.

Realize that My true people are called to be the light and the salt unto the world, and when they fail to keep their calling in Me, then the world is affected and goes deeper into the corruption of sin. So it is in these times. Multitudes are living under the insanity and profanity of local and national leaders who are totally unbalanced and full of gross wickedness.

When such coverings are over the multitudes, the world’s people become more and more full of corruption and darkness. In these times, people are giving in to the covering of demons and are under the control of wicked spirits. Therefore, there is a tremendous increase in all of the wicked deeds that such people are prompted and commanded to do by the forces of evil.

The world is full of chaos, unrest, violence, murder, thievery, lying deceits and sexual violations. Children and mostly women are sexually violated by those who are acting out demonic intent. Even those who are in high places politically are being shown to be molesters, rapists, human and drug traffickers. Disloyalty is extreme. Human and drug traffickers are found in governmental positions.

Know that My refining fire is your safety and that you are blessed to be purified by the fire that will keep you from the fires of hell!