By the Power of My Spirit

I speak unto you this day and I declare to you that it is not by the power of men, women, or armies. It is not by the power of nations, but it is by the power of My Spirit that I shall move in these times. While men and women who are insane with power have gone into all manner of boasting as to their great and invincible powers, it is Me the Living God who shall rebuild by the power of My Spirit, and none shall be able to stand against the same.

Reality is simply that people in power imagine themselves to have endless powers and abilities that are superior to Me, when I am the Creator. How full of the drunkenness of pride they are in these times. Those who are not even a drop or a half of a drop in the bucket are bragging as though they will remain and destroy much larger nations. On and on they go, intoxicated and under strong delusions because of their contempt for Me and the arrogance that they are living in.

Do not imagine that they are in the control they believe themselves to be. The truth is that it is Me the Living God who can cause them great and lasting devastation, and they will be unable to recover because I will send upon them what they do not expect. It is Me the Living God who can cause the earth to open up and swallow whatever I deem. It is Me who can turn the seas into raging enemies and cause the rivers to run wild and overflow all that men have built. I can send howling winds and drought to dry up all of the food sources of proud fools who have insane imaginations as to their own greatness.

Such as are boasting and bragging in all of the pomp and finery of their power domains can easily end up in rags and begging for even one morsel of food. I can likewise cause such fools who are in the endless cycle of destruction to end up dead and damned because of the dreadful and demonically inspired crimes they have committed in My sight.

I am not mocked, and when you see those who are obviously driven by demons boasting of their “greatness,” know that they are motivated by greed and lust and are in the same imagining themselves to be invincible. However, it is by My Spirit that I can go far beyond them and their so-called control. I can do as I will do when I ordain, and there is no power of men, women, or demons that can stop Me.

Therefore, do not look at what you have or don’t have as though the same is your limited provision. Remember, I am far above the provisions of your own hands. I can do the miraculous and I can easily provide for you things that are incredibly and wondrously given because of who I am. I do not want you to trust in sight nor in might according to the bragging of fools. I want you to trust in Me for I am able, and what I declare I can and will do, I do!

This is because I am the Almighty and there is none who is like unto Me. When I make the declaration, the same is true, and I will show forth repeatedly My miracle working power through the words that My Spirit shall speak.

Consider that the earth and the life upon the same came forth by the spoken word that I declared. Keeping this in mind, do not ever live in doubt as to whether I am able. Know that as you are keeping your trust in Me, you will not be made ashamed. Instead, you will behold the miraculous over and over.

There is no man, woman, people, tribe, or nation that can take the credit for the very Creation. While they may have their stories and their tales, the same are not based on Me; they are the imaginations and conjectures of those who can only see through the glass darkly. Their minds are fogged over by tradition which they regard as equal to or even higher than the truth.

Do not become infatuated with such fables. Rather rely upon My Spirit, for the same will empower you as you listen to and obey the commands of the same to do feats that are far beyond your natural strength. It is Me the Living God who gives the courage, the power, the strength, the might, the provision and the light to do those things that men in and of themselves cannot do.

Be thankful and serve Me each day in the attitude of gratitude, knowing that there is none who is equal to Me, and despite what the fools say in their cycles of craziness, they are liars. When you are steadfastly obeying the commands and dictates of My Spirit, you will understand that in the same the victory is found. While the enemy forces want to make My people their victims, I intend for My people to be the victors and well able to do the impossible.

As the winds of adversity are howling and the blizzards are blinding, know that it is by My Spirit that you are given the refuge from the storms that are raging and bringing devastation and ruination to multitudes. Do not believe that I want you in ruination. I want you in expectation as you see that it is Me the Living God who will by My Spirit direct you continually. Be thankful that you are not meant to stay down forever. You are meant to rise up in the humility anointing that I will put upon you.

Those who have followed in the steps of Jesus and kept faithful no matter the trying of their faith, will rise up in the power that I give, and the same will cause them to do exploits far beyond what the braggarts imagine. Thank Me that you are Mine and that I do not forsake you or leave you, but I am with you always and I will keep you by the power of My Spirit.