The Reckless End Up Wretched and Wrecked

I speak unto you this day and I say that the ones who are reckless about their lives and their eternal destinations will end up wretched and wrecked because they did not consider their situations or their actions. The careless likewise will end up condemned by their own sins because they do not even calculate the consequences of their actions and choices.

Sad to say, vast multitudes have ended and still do end in hell because they take no consideration for their own choices, nor do they accept responsibility and accountability. It is truly tragic when the ones who should be accountable are totally irresponsible with respect to their own lives and their souls. Instead, they regard all of their situations as what moves them at the moment, and they fail to realize that it is not only themselves that they affect but their generations likewise.

So it is that the cycle of fools continues, and when such a cycle affects people on a national and global level, then it becomes obvious that the whole world is rushing headlong into the destruction that is inevitable. You are living in times when those who are in positions of great responsibility, in the sense of governing the lives of the multitudes, are in the cycle of fools. They have no fear of Me, and they do not make their decisions according to godly wisdom. Rather, they are reckless, and such conduct deeply affects those over whom they bear rule.

I have never intended for My people to be caught up in the darkness, nor follow the deeds of gross darkness that are so common among the “rulers of this world.” Remember, such ones are of the world and are covered by the devil and his demons. Their goals remain the same: kill, steal, and destroy. The devil has been a murderer from the beginning and the liar who deceived Adam and Eve in the Garden.

Those who fail to take careful and considerate control of their own carnality are of course destining themselves to go in the way of the damned. Likewise, they will, depending on their spheres of influence, bring others down likewise into the same cesspool of sin that they themselves are in.

I do not want My people to imagine that they are to be attentive to such reprobate dictators who are totally disrespectful of Me. Those who are true to Me are not going to be swayed out of My way to go in the cycle of fools and in the same be damned. My true united believers are going to be joined in prayers and supplications for the nations in which they live while on earth, that the evil in all of their insanity will be dealt with by Me. They realize that the only hope for “saving the people of this planet” is for the evil to be disposed of by My wrath, fury, and indignation.

So it was that when I sent Jonah to Nineveh, they were an extremely wicked people ruled by wicked leaders, yet they repented, and I spared them from total destruction. As it is now, there are several nations who are on the road to ruination and devastation because they are practicing evil and wickedness to the degree that they have kindled My anger against them.

I am the Almighty God and well able to destroy all who are pursuing the course of wickedness. There are many nations, tribes, and peoples that I have destroyed because they chose to pursue the course of wickedness and refused to walk in the way of righteousness. These evildoers have perished in their reckless wickedness and are remembered no more. There is nothing that can stop Me when I am disgusted with those who imagine evil continually and act out the same.

Therefore, be aware that this is the time when I will pour out wrath, fury, and indignation against and upon the wicked. Know of a surety that I am not obligated to spare any who is guilty. Keeping this in mind, pray most earnestly that I will spare the remnant who are responsible before Me and have spent their time seeking Me rather than the world. The world has no hope because they are self-destroying. However, for the ones who have determined to obey and follow Me, there is refuge in the time of My wrath revealed.

Be thankful that you do not need to be a follower of those who are mad and pursuing the course of destruction and damnation. Rather, you can be following My Spirit and be guided in the way of righteousness revealed. As you will make it your effort and your goal to walk uprightly, you will not find yourselves devoured and destroyed. You will see that I make the way when others are perishing. I consistently will keep the ones who are considering Me above themselves.

When you serve Me in the attitude of gratitude each day, you will not be gravitated to the fools’ way, which ends in damnation. The cycle of fools will be around as long as there are people on the earth. However, it is Me who can and will dispose of the fools when they refuse repentance and grow drunk on their imagined power.

The world at this time is being governed by despotic dictators who are claiming they know all and will conquer all. Covered in their drunkenness, they do not realize that they are already conquered because of their own careless and shameless behaviors. They are ruled by the devil and demons, and their decisions are profane and insane.

These ones are believing that they will remain in power forever. They will not. They will be consumed and devoured by the darkness, the demons, and destruction. Their reckless conduct has assured them the very devastation and damnation they have chosen above salvation.