Speak Life and You Live

I speak unto you this day and I say that you must realize that you have power in your words beyond what you presently would think. If you will each day make it your practice to speak life, you will have life in great abundance, for I will give it to you.

It is not My intention that My people who represent Me the Living God would be involved in speaking death and bringing the same to themselves. You are not meant to live and abide in death, for the same will bring you only sorrows and troubles. You are meant to love life and have the same in the abundance I am able to provide.

The devil and his demons hate those who use their tongues for Me and the furtherance of My kingdom. The devil hates those who make it their practice to speak in tongues and have the secret languages spoken to Me and exalting My kingdom. Throughout the centuries, the devil and his demons have worked overtime to defame and defile those who speak in tongues and make it appear that they are weird and strange, implying tongues are evil.

The vast multitudes, even of those who attend church, regard tongue talkers as extreme. Little do they know that speaking in tongues will give power to the tongue talkers and exalt them above the lies of the liars. When you see how much the religious despise the tongue talkers, it is because they themselves are tongue tied by religion.

It is My intention that all believers would be found in relationship with Me rather than in the prison houses of religion that they are locked into. Such ones will criticize and analyze the ones who are free in the Spirit as though they have somehow wronged Me. Little do they understand that they have not wronged Me. In fact, I desire them to speak forth the life that is found in the secret places with Me.

It has never been My intention that My people would side with the devil against one another. Rather, it is My intention that My people would abide in the unity of the Spirit and come forth as united believers, knowing the power of My Spirit in their lives. I do not want My people to become merely those who are ever learning yet never coming to the knowledge of the truth because they have locked into religion and refuse relationship. No, I want those who are Mine to be ever alive and alert in My Spirit, for the same will prove to be life to them and to others.

Such as are disciples of Christ will proclaim the Gospel and not be ashamed of the same. They will be enabled to declare everywhere that Jesus lives, and the signs will follow them as they make the true declaration of My Son as well as My kingdom.

Be thankful each day that you can make it your practice to speak life and likewise have life and be more and more abundant in the same. Know of a surety that to declare the life is to be well pleasing to Me. Keeping this in mind, seek to harness your tongues and use them for good rather than evil.

The demon spirits love to bombard the believers with negative and death thoughts, that they will yield their tongues to the same. There is a constant warfare in the spirit dimension to bring believers into the bondage of demonic religious control whereby they have no Holy Spirit power. This is not My intention, for those who are the disciples of Christ are meant to be following in the steps that He walked. As they do, they are empowered by the same Holy Spirit that was in and upon Jesus during His earthly mission.

Be glad even today that you can determine and be persistent in that determination to declare the Gospel as Jesus commanded those who were and would be His disciples to do. As you continue steadfast about My kingdom business, you will understand more and more clearly how important it is to speak forth life to a sin-diseased and sin-dying world. When you actually see in the spirit how many are found bound under the demonically controlled mindset of death and damnation, you will become all the more determined to proclaim life to them.

Reality is that the war for souls in these times is very intense, for the rulers and leaders of nations are demonically controlled and are likewise insane in their directives, their rules and modes of conduct. Actually, they are not working for My people or My kingdom; they are working under the auspices of the devil and his demons, and the goals remain to kill, steal, and destroy all that lives. These ones are incredibly stupid, for they do not realize that while they are being manipulated by demons, they will destroy themselves in the process.

Those who give way to demonic control are found in the dumbed-down category, for their decisions are short-sighted and based on willful and purposed rebellion. Such rebellion is against righteousness and the way that I have established for people to live in. Those who choose to violate My intentions are bringing ruination to themselves and the very nations they are ruling over.

If you stop and consider, they are speaking forth daily the insane and absurd declarations of demons and aren’t one bit ashamed of doing the same. I do not expect My true united believers to be in subjectivity to the cruel rule of demented, wicked, power and money lusting men and women who are hell bound. Rather, I want My true united believers to be committed to Me, for I am the divine ruler of all that I have created, and they are My creation, not the seed of serpents.

Be glad each and every day that you can use your tongues to speak forth life and see the goodness that comes to all who desire to live and not die and be damned.