Jesus Is the Hope in Hopeless Times

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be rejoicing and giving praise unto Me, for it is Jesus who is the hope in such times as are upon the earth now. As you well know, there are vast multitudes who have given up on life and are only waiting for their lives to end. However, in such conditions, they are not abiding satisfied. In fact, they live in continual misery. They are living in despair, destitution, and defeat because they have abandoned My way, only to live under the direction and dictates of demonic powers who are loving to make them more miserable by the day.

Whenever people abandon My way and give themselves to the devil, they will experience sadness, sorrow, heartbreak and emptiness. Be thankful to Me that you do not have to abandon nor forsake My Son Jesus. Rather, you can be abandoned to His will, His way, His example, and walk in the same path as He pioneered here on earth.

Jesus never forsook His commission although He knew He would face death in the end. He chose to keep steadfast, not wavering or turning back. He endured until the end as My example of what is expected of My true disciples. He did not choose to live for Himself, nor promote Himself in any way. Because of His persistence in declaring the truth, He was hated, and so will the ones be now who persist in preaching the Gospel. Yet, Jesus is the only hope to be found in these hopeless times.

Do not count it a strange thing that as you are in obedience to Jesus you are ever enabled to go onward and upward and never depart from the goodness that He alone provides. It is indeed a good thing to declare Him over and over again, for there are endless souls who are perishing and have forsaken their faith.

Some of those who have given up on life and live in the misery that comes of accepting the devil’s bait are groaning inwardly under the agonies of the damned they are living in. When they hear the Gospel again, it will be clean, clear waters to their souls, and they will rejoice that He alone is able and will give them forgiveness.

I do welcome the prodigal sons and daughters who see the error of their ways and determine themselves to return to Me no matter how hard it may appear to be. This is because they have lived among the pigs and have realized that they were deceived by demons and were suffering because of their own choices.

As they are repentant in their hearts and their minds, they are to be welcomed back into My divine love family wherein they are shown the infinite mercies that I give. It is a joy to Me when those who have been lost are returned to My family and are washed and clothed in the garments of righteousness rather than the filthy garments of worldliness.

Not all who are in the pigpen are young fools. Many of them are middle-aged and old fools who believed the lies of the liar and lived for years in the bondage and darkness of such lies. These ones are hopeless, and many of them are homeless. They have no pleasures and are for the most part addicted to drunkenness, legal and street drugs, and misery. They use and abuse substances in order to “face another day.”

Then, for those who have reached the end of their hopeless and homeless despair, comes the hope found only in and through repentance to Jesus. As soon as they see the stupidity of their own choices and repent and resolve themselves to return to Me and My house, they are given peace and make the journey home not counting the hardships. I do not reject them if they are truly repentant and turn from their sins and want My way.

There are some who will hold them in self-righteous contempt, but they are failing to realize that the fact that they have humbled themselves and repented is what stands as “righteous” before Me. Do not be among those who are full of contempt for the ones who have forsaken Me, as did the prodigal, yet saw their mistakes and returned. It is better that the lost who have lived destined to damnation be returned and restored as they are repentant rather than perish forever.

Reality is that I much prefer to give mercy rather than misery, and because of that, I am continually sending forth My Holy Spirit to hover over the ones who have the heart to return. Likewise, I will send messengers proclaiming the Gospel to any and all who will hear and obey.

Know that there is no improvement on My way, for it is the way that is life. Why should I leave people to drown in the sea of iniquity if their hearts are crying out for help? I do not find joy in watching people who are going to hell perish and die unrepentant in their sins. My joy is to see them repent and return.

Therefore, do not cease to declare what it is that My Spirit dictates and present Jesus to a lost and dying world. Consider that if I had not sent My Spirit and My messengers to you, you would be among the prodigals who are in the pigpens of sin and degradation, awaiting damnation. Be glad and not sad that you are redeemed, and rejoice for the opportunity to give the hope that you have through Jesus to others who are lost and perishing.

Count it a joy to be identified with My Son both in living and in dying to yourselves. When you have truly tasted of My kingdom, it is evident that the hope is what the multitudes have need of, and that is found through repenting to Jesus and coming into His mercies of forgiveness. Welcome the prodigals when they come home, despite how tattered they are.