Wonderful Things

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who does wonderful things for those who look to Me in faith, trust, and confidence. There is no good thing that I withhold from the ones who are walking uprightly and trusting in Me as their source and the One who is able.

There are many who receive the miraculous at My command because they are looking to Me even if they do not know Me. That is, they realize that their situations are utterly hopeless, and they feel as though there is no living human who can help. It is then that their hearts and their lips cry out, and I hear them when they cry.

Be aware that I do not withhold Myself from the ones who are needy and are looking to Me as the hope they have need of. I send My messengers to them, and they are then uplifted and enabled to give Me thanks and praise. This is because they receive of the wonderful things that I have in store for those who are trusting in Me with confidence because of what they have seen Me do.

When you hear of those who are telling of the wonderful things that I am able to do, know that the same is truth. However, if you hear of those who are bragging on themselves and their great ministries, know that they are living in imagination and are stealing My glory. I do not find pleasure in such thieves, for they are estranged from Me and are basically serving lying spirits, having turned aside to thievery.

I absolutely do not want you to be in thievery, nor do I want you to be living in the delusions that the enemy puts upon any who will accept such lies. It is not people who do the wonderful things, it is by My Spirit power upon and through them that the miracles are done. Therefore, be thankful that you can daily participate in My mercy and see how good I am to those who look to Me as their only source and the One they are meant to please.

When My Son Jesus walked among men, the wicked religious demanded of Him a sign, yet He did not give them what they wanted, for He knew that they would be destroyed for their rejection of Him. Yet, during the same duration of time, He continued to do wonderful things for those who were truly needy and not ashamed to express their neediness.

Know that I operate by the same principles even now. I am still pouring out the wonderful things upon the ones who are not ashamed to see their need of Me and cry out. Be aware that I am the God of compassion, and I do not hesitate to give forth My wonderful things through the miraculous to the ones who are looking to Me and knowing that I am indeed well able. Be ever made glad that you do not need to seek for the arm of flesh when in desperation. Rather, you can seek Me and know that I am your Creator, your Provider, your Deliverer, and the One who has always made the way for you.

I will reach out even to such as Legion who was so demonized that He was seen among the tombs and was extremely possessed by demon spirits and was continually screaming and hurting himself. I am able to free men, women, and children of all manner of unclean and wicked spirits and bring them forth in the new life wherein they will be guided by My Spirit.

Those who recognize that Jesus Christ is My Son and come to salvation through Him experience the wonder of being “born again” of incorruptible seed. To be born of such seed is to become potential sons and daughters who will bear fruit for My kingdom if they continue to obey My Spirit.

Did not My Son do miracles at the direction of My Holy Spirit? I say that He did, and the ones who received the wonderful things were the ones who were desperate and needy. Many had expended all of their monies, their years, their energies in trying to find help through the arm of flesh. All such efforts were of no avail.

However, when they saw and or heard of the miraculous works that were being done through Jesus, they confessed their need of Him as He was able. These believed and therefore received. They did not find excuses for unbelief, nor did they find refuge in their maladies and situations of sickness. Rather, they looked to and cried out for the merciful hand of My Son in their lives, and My Spirit moved through Jesus.

Be aware that the wonderful things are still available today to the ones who will not be ashamed to call upon Jesus and to seek His miraculous touch. When a man, woman, or child will reach out to the One I have declared to be the King of kings, of course they will be heard and shown compassion. However, the ones who are full of pride and arrogance and demand to “see a sign” will not be blessed, for their demands are born of pride and contempt rather than respect and honor.

Know that to honor My Son for who He is will give you inroads into His earshot and you will, as you believe, likewise receive. Know that those who are willing to approach in humility and neediness will not be scorned or rejected. Rather, their needs will be met because they realize that My power remains.

Those who are declaring that the miraculous and wonderful demonstrations of My kingdom have passed away are undermining My kingdom and are wanting to take the glory to themselves by their supposed knowledge. However, their knowledge is based on religious lies and not on relationship.

Therefore, do not listen to them, for they are full of deceits and want only to pretend to be what they are not. Believe and receive the wonderful things.