Hate Is the Bait for Hell

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be aware that hate is literally the bait that the enemy uses to cause countless multitudes to end in hell! Through hatred, fueled by demonic input, people live their whole lives in darkness, bitterness, accusation and misery. They have mounds of hatred built up inside of them, and such hatred causes them to be resentful and easily triggered to anger, rage, violence, murder, suicide, and criminal activity.

If you consider the troubles that are the consequence of hate, they are never ending. There are wars that occur due to hatred among nations, tribes, nationalities, races, and gangs. The results that come when people accept and receive the demon-inspired hatred are devastating. Multitudes are involved in gross darkness, and nations are being led by insane leaders who are busy hating anyone who opposes them.

There are wars going on that are brutal and destructive. Multitudes are gravitated to one side or the other, with hatred being the bait to cause neighbors to turn against each other with murderous intent. As the element of hatred is fueled by demonic pressure, so do multitudes who already hate Me want to see My people destroyed, and they turn their hatred onto them. Those who stand for the truth become targets for the God-haters who want them dead, just as they wanted My Son Jesus dead!

If you consider the Jews in leadership during the time of Jesus’ earthly journey, they hated Him because He stood adamant for the truth and told them the same. Because they were God-haters and despising the call to repent, they sought to take Him into captivity and put to death. Throughout the duration of His journey on earth as the long-awaited Messiah, the religionists sought to defame, undermine, and destroy Him as well as His disciples.

Because of the continual schemes and plots against Him, Jesus was under the constant serpentine surveillance by those who were insanely jealous of His popularity with the multitudes. These demon-possessed religious Jews wanted to destroy Him because the people benefited from His mission of mercy and received many miracles at His hands. Consequently, they sought for a betrayer and found such a one in Judas Iscariot, one of the original twelve disciples. Judas was also insanely jealous of Jesus and hated Him for the truth He proclaimed and His popularity with the multitudes.

So it was that the outward persecutors and the inward betrayer joined together to destroy My Son and have Him put to death. Of course, Jesus was the One who would prove to endure until the end and face the cross that was put before Him with confidence in Me as His Father, knowing that I would not leave Him in the tomb forever. In fact, just three days after He was crucified, I raised Him from the place of death, and He came forth and walked among His disciples, encouraging them.

The Jews could not have Him put to death again, and they were actually more enraged than ever and sought to have all of His followers taken into captivity and imprisoned or put to death for their belief in Jesus. The open persecution that they sent against the early church was the consequence of their increased hatred for all who believed upon Jesus as My Son and the long-awaited Messiah. They denied His deity, they refused to repent, and they went on in the hate that was the bait that would end them in hell.

In fact, during the years of His earthly ministry, Jesus gave indictment against Jerusalem for their rejection of Him. That indictment proved to be the truth, for Jerusalem later faced destruction for their refusal to receive Jesus as the Messiah. The religious Jewish leaders, still insane with jealousy, sought to convince the multitudes of all of the false accusations that they made against Jesus.

However, they were not as successful as they had hoped to be, for the disciples continued to preach the Gospel and the signs followed them, and the miraculous ministry of Jesus continued through His disciples. There was no stopping the divine fire that burned in the bosoms of those early disciples and believers who took seriously the commission that Jesus left to them.

He had directed them to go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel. All who would hear and receive Jesus as their Savior would experience the mercy and the joy that comes of believing upon My Son as their Savior and Lord. Vast multitudes were converted, and the very ones who had put Him to death were shown up to be the fools that they were.

The early believers did not hold hatred for their enemies. They loved and forgave them, for they followed the command that Jesus gave, to “love your enemies.” Because of His example, His true followers likewise loved and forgave.

The Gospel of peace that was declared caused war, as the demon inspired hated the call to repent and turn from idols and the sins associated with the same. However, those who stood valiant for the truth and continued to proclaim Jesus to the sin-sick, sin-cursed world saw repeatedly that the Holy Spirit was ever present with them in the battle for souls.

Many of the early disciples were put to death by the insanely jealous power figures of those days. However, that did not kill the truth, and the same has remained in the earth and marches onward. The ones who took the bait of hate are in hell. The ones who believed in Jesus are now in the cloud of witnesses.