Don’t Stay Bound

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not stay bound in the grave clothes when I take you through a season of death to further identify you with My Son Jesus. When I brought Jesus through the crucifixion and caused Him to rise again, He had the resurrection power that I gave to Him. He did not remain in the grave clothes bound by the heaviness of the same. Rather, He rose from the dead and was enabled to come forth as I ordained.

So it is that when you are given My resurrection power, do not stay bound in the grave clothes, for I do not leave you there. However, there are some who, when taken through a season of death, want to remain there and imagine that is the only place they can be. Do not take the way of being bound as the way you are meant to remain. I desire for you to show forth the resurrection life that I give to you.

Remember that Jesus was and is the pattern that you are meant to follow. After He went through the death process, He rose again and was alive, no longer bound in the place of death. Therefore, keep attentive to the commands of My Spirit and do not remain in the tomb. I AM the Living God, and when My Spirit commands you to come forth, that is what you are meant to do in order to represent My power and glory.

Let your minds and your bodies be renewed by the Living Word that is given to you through My Spirit, and be knowing of a surety that as you do, you will no longer find yourselves bound. You will rise up in the newness of life that is available to you as you are adhering to Me as your Master and Lord. You are meant to gain the identity you need in the place of death and likewise in the place of life.

Therefore, do not imagine that your lives are over and stay in the heavy grave clothes, being kept in the place of death. Instead, be thankful that you are able to experience the resurrection power and follow My Spirit into whatever season it is that I have you in. I do not want you to be weary in well doing. Rather, I want you to know that it is Me who is indeed well able to bring you forth ever renewed in Me, for I am the One who is the Alpha and Omega and I remain long after the gods of men have been forgotten.

Stop and consider that you are not alone in this journey. In fact, you can follow Me to wheresoever I intend, and you can partake continually of all that I provide, for I do not hesitate to give to you such as you need in every circumstance and situation that arises. Therefore, be glad that it is Me who directs your steps and your paths that you can indeed be partaking of all that I give for you are found alive in Me.

Thank Me repeatedly that you do not need to be dead forever and remain as inhabitants of the cold tomb. Stop and consider that in the world, when people go into a season of death, many of them grow so depressed that they never come out of that place. Therefore, they are continually held in captivity and bondage by the powers of darkness that overwhelm them and cause them continual sorrow and heartache.

If you take a good look at the increasing numbers of depressed, oppressed, helpless and homeless multitudes that are throughout the land, you see people who for the most part have chosen the lifestyle of despair. They do not come out of death, but they remain there as the walking dead. Indeed, such a place is not intended for My people as a permanent arrangement in any way whatsoever. My people are meant to follow My Spirit and rise up when the seasons of death fade away.

Therefore, do not be found pressed down and unable to rise because you are under oppression and darkness in the same. Be glad that I give to you all that you need, and I will cause you to know that when it is Me that you are looking unto, it is My Spirit that is ever present to guide you into all truth. The reality is that the more you understand the seasons I take you through, the more you can gain and be enriched in each of those seasons.

Life is not always in winter, for if it were, there would be no crops that come from the heat of summer. Likewise, there would be no way to partake of the multiplied mercies that I have prepared for you. Instead, you would grow weary, worn, and hungry with the “stay in winter forever.”

Be glad that you are given the privilege to follow My Spirit wheresoever the same leads you onward in My way. I absolutely do not want you to be isolated nor separated from Me. I want you to come forth knowing of a surety that My way is meant to be the blessed way of life eternal and everlasting. The earthly journey that you are on is meant to prepare you for the wondrous way that is found when you are taken to your heavenly home in My eternal kingdom.

What My people do receive when they follow the commands of My Spirit and receive the mercies is a foretaste of what awaits them in My house. Those who choose to follow the commands of demonic spirits will be given the foretaste of the miseries they will face in hell. The truth is, some will actually choose such miseries rather than partake of My mercies, because they love the evil they feel themselves justified to commit as they are in misery.

Give Me thanks and praise that you are not in misery and death. Instead, you are to be ever abiding in mercy and the resurrection life that is given freely, so you can be enriched. Give Me thanks and praise.