Excuse Makers Are Fakers

I speak unto you this day and I say that there are multitudes that have been called by the voice of My Spirit, yet they have refused to listen. Instead, they have offered excuses and justifications for their choices. While in their own minds they imagine that those excuses are legitimate, they are not. This is because they are living in delusion and the confusion of their own minds, and choosing what they want above what I want for them.

If only people would realize that they only pass through this life on earth one time, it is possible that they would make wiser choices when faced with the call of My Spirit. However, the fact is that they prefer to do things their own way rather than My way, and in the same they prove themselves to be fakers, believing their own lies and excuses and not believing Me.

I absolutely prefer that people would condition themselves to walk uprightly in My way despite the cunning of demons and the cleverness of their own reasoning. Both of these are the enemies of My purpose in the lives of those who are professing to be believers. I do not find the excuses and pretensions of those who are refusing to be even a bit convincing, because I know that inwardly they are disobedient and want their own way.

Do not get in the habit of putting Me off and offering excuses for the same. When any is delaying obedience to Me, such is merely a mask for rebellion. I do not intend that My people would get entangled in the trap of rebellion, for it is a snare that has caused multitudes to lose their souls.

Rebellion against Me is always led by the devil and his demons. It is fuel to the carnal nature that wants to take back the throne in the lives of believers in My Son, Jesus. When you hear those who are justifying their rebellion, know that they deceive themselves by the same.

Be knowing of a surety that I am not obligated to continually tolerate those who are stubborn, willful, and determined to have what they want in this life. I do not by any means want My people to be found caught up in the traps that are offered by the enemy forces. Rather, they are to keep their vision single unto Me and do as My Spirit commands. There is no way that any will finish the course on earth and be found acceptable if they have chosen to rebel. Such end in hell.

Be glad even this day that it is much easier to go in the way that I provide than to go in the way wherein people imagine they can hide from My will. There are many in this life who have sickness, diseases that are incurable, troubles with spouses, children, relatives and friends because they have chosen rebellion against Me. It is only too obvious that they are not at all “happy” with their refusals to obey Me. When people are going off to do their own thing, what they are doing is obeying demons rather than My Spirit.

If you even look at the nations that have departed from Me through rebellion, it becomes more than obvious that they are found under woes of their own choosing. I do not bless people, tribes and nations that are operating in opposition to My principles of conduct. In fact, I am sorely displeased in their choices and their behavior. Consequently, I release upon them My wrath, fury, and indignation.

How dumb are those who are under the control of demons. First off, they are dumb because they are believing demons; secondly, because they actually want the troubles they have. There are people who actually gravitate towards troubles because they enjoy having the same in their lives. I do not want you to have “troubles.” I want you to have trust in Me and reliance upon the goodness that I give to the obedient.

Therefore, make a very strong and concerted effort to be pleasing to Me in all that you do so that you have mercy instead of misery. The more that you respond quickly to Holy Spirit commands, the more you will find yourselves satisfied with what it is that I have for you to do. You will see that I give you abundantly in order for you to do as I do desire. Then you will know that to serve Me is better than serving self and serpents.

Be glad that you can come to that which I have prepared and not offer excuses and lose out with Me. Instead, be focused and follow onward, knowing that I am the One who cares for you in every circumstance and situation. There are many who imagine they can do as they please when they please and be found acceptable. However, they fail to face the reality that rebellion is as witchcraft, and such ones are not received into My kingdom with their evil practices.

As you choose for My way, you are choosing for life that is eternal and everlasting. Those who choose for self and serpentine spirits are choosing for death spiritually, and by the same, they are destined to damnation. Do not think that you can get by with being a rebel and then be found in the company of the obedient. Those who want to rebel like hell will pay the consequences of their choices, and the same will prove to be ugly and painful.

Why not obey quickly the call given by My Spirit to come to the table prepared by the Master? It is better to feast with the King than to partake of the rotted pottage of rebels. While they may act as though they have the best of everything, their tables are full of vomit and the rottenness of rebellion. Thank Me that you can obey and stay in My way.