Who Do You Call Your Family?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you to carefully consider: Who do you call your family? Reality is that My Son established the standard for true believers, and that is: the ones who are to be called family are the ones who will listen to the words of life and obey the same.

In these times of confusion, delusion, darkness and insanity, many who call themselves Christians have refused to face this issue. They would rather align themselves with pagan natural family attachments than with My true people who are My divine love family and remain true to Me above flesh and blood.

It has never been My intention that those who are called out of the world by My Spirit would prefer their own families above My divine love family and by the same never enter into what I desire for them. Reality is that when Jesus came to earth as a human, He listened to and obeyed Me rather than Joseph, who was for all external purposes His earthly father. This is because He was establishing the order that I expect for the True Disciples to follow.

Those who will truly obey Me are the ones that I find well pleasing. There are many who lose out with Me because they obey the wishes of their relatives in the flesh and fail to obey the command of My Spirit, which is given to lead them in all truth. Consequently, they suffer many things because of the choices they make that are wrong before Me.

Whoever any believer loves more than Me will become a whip on their backs because they are preferring to uplift the ones who are mere carnal beings and love them more than Me. Such choices are the cause of troubles unending because I am jealous, and My people are to have no other gods before Me or beside Me. That means essentially that they are meant to be abandoned to Me and not to any other.

Many called are not chosen because they do not choose Me. When they do not choose Me, they automatically lose out on what they could have been had they chosen Me above all else. Be thankful this day that you can choose to follow Me and serve Me with all of your hearts because I am the One who bears rule over you and gives to you such as you need.

When it is Me that you regard as your Father and when it is Me that you seek to please, you will understand that your family is My divine love family. The more that it is Me that you are serving, the more you will totally understand how important it is to keep on believing and receiving of Me by not turning back to the elements of carnality and taking up with the wrong family.

Make it your daily choice and commitment to love Me, My Son, and My Holy Spirit, then to love those who are of My family as your family. Do not be as those who turn back and then, under the influence of families who are jealous and hateful towards Me, become dull and defiant towards the truth. Those who make such choices actually die spiritually. Some will put on a guise of religion, but this is because they are not in right standing with Me.

The more that you are cleaving to Me, the more you will understand that I am the One who will enable you to come forth in the power of My presence and glory. I absolutely will not leave you in the desolation that comes upon the ones who choose according to the flesh.

While they will even raise families of their own, they will always be haunted by the fact that they chose another way, and that way is their prison house. No one can serve two masters. Those who attempt to serve two families are actually grieving Me because they are yielding themselves to the “orders” of those who are not living and abiding in Me. Their attempts will actually leave them frustrated and irritated because they inwardly know that to cater to flesh and blood leaves them desolate.

Be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude and do not look back and prove to be unworthy. Once you have been called and chosen, do not look back and allow the devil and his demons to convince you that the flesh-and-blood family is your obligation. NO, it is not your obligation to serve them. It is your obligation to serve Me, for I am the One who will bring you forth by a plain path and give you all that you have need of.

You are obligated to pray for them as lost souls, but you are not obligated to be their keepers. They must make their own choices and you must be true witnesses of how much your choice for Jesus has changed your life and made you new persons with a new family you must serve.

Of course, many of those who see the truly converted want to kill them, because according to their own false religious beliefs, they believe that anyone who turns their lives over to Jesus has become insane. However, the truth is that those who oppose My Son are doing so because they are under the murderous insane coverings of demons.

Be thankful that you do not need to be under demons. You need to be under My Holy Spirit, for the same will guide you forth in the way that leads to eternal life in Me. That way is not ugly, nor is it sinful. In fact, it is beautiful and righteous, because it is according to My holiness that you are led by My Spirit on the highway to heaven, where you will continually abide in the presence of My divine love family.

Do not settle for less than the best. Make your choices for My kingdom and My divine love family while here on earth.