Sell Out or Lose Out

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who does intend that those who are claiming to be Mine would be willing to sell out completely for Me. That means that they do not hold to the things of this world and consider them to be more important than My will for their lives. If you really consider that the things of this world will definitely pass away, be thankful that you do not need to be holding to the transitory, the passing, the meaningless, and by the same lose out.

As My true believers, I want you to fully understand that the things that I intend for you are the things that really matter, and by ownership of the same, you will be given the multiplied mercies that I alone can provide. When I have certain things for you, know that I bring those forth and they will be found useful and abundant because it is Me who does provide.

When you are looking to Me, you will not be made ashamed, for you will see that I provide for your earthly journey and likewise, I provide for your spiritual well-being. You do not need to cling to people, places, or things. Rather, you need to see the importance of depending totally on Me, for I am your source.

Know of a surety that I am your Creator and I am your Provider, and I know what you have need of in every situation and circumstance. Therefore, do not be imagining that somehow there are things that you can improve on by doing things according to the world. No, you do not need to look to the arm of flesh, you need to look to Me.

When you are going forth in a plain path, you will find that I provide for you every day and that it is foolishness to imagine that you must cling to the things that will pass away. Be glad that when you will trust yourselves to Me you will not be ashamed, for I do make the way for the ones who have yielded themselves to sell out completely for Me, My Son, My Holy Spirit, and My kingdom, which is eternal.

It is meant that those who are My true disciples would forsake all of this world to gain the heavenly treasures that are found in Me. Likewise, they are not meant to entangle themselves in the things of this world that will pass away and be remembered no more.

When you are called and chosen to represent My kingdom in this sin-diseased and sin-cursed earth, be thankful that you can be in the world as witnesses, but not of the world. Consider how many literally miss out on their calling in Me because they have entangled themselves in the world and are bound up in obligations that take them nowhere.

Do not be concerned with the daily needs or the future needs you project yourselves to have. Just keep steadfast continuing in My purposes and plans and understand fully that My way is indeed the perfect way, and that as you are keeping to the same, so are you kept.

Many are the sorrows of those who have turned aside and gone after that which I never intended for them. They will find nothing in the same except emptiness and misery because they did not sell out for My kingdom call over their lives. Therefore, they lose out and will spend their days in regret and remorse because they did not put Me first in their lives.

As the Gospels reveal in the story of the rich young ruler, he was so assured that he was in perfect order because he was keeping the commandments. Then Jesus spoke to him regarding his riches and the need to sell out and give to the poor and then follow the Lord. Sadly, the young man went away sorrowful because he had great possessions.

Reality is that people come into the world without anything, and they will leave the same way, for they cannot take their possessions with them when they die. This is why it is so foolish when people base their lives on what they have and think that the same makes them ever secure. The true security comes to those who keep their hearts stayed upon Me and come forth knowing that they will stand before Me and give an account.

It is not what their accountant says they have stored up that will buy them a place in My kingdom. It is how much they have sought to obey and please Me that will determine where their treasure is. Those who are looking to be recognized by Me for their accumulation of earthly treasures are fools, for those things mean nothing in My kingdom.

Do not sow to the flesh and by the same reap corruption, for the things that are looked upon as so important by the carnal mind are not important in My kingdom. In fact, they are considered as hindrances if they keep people bound to the world rather than abandoned to My will for their lives. There is no way that anyone can have two masters and in the same be found well pleasing, for they will not be faithful to either. In fact, it is impossible to have two masters.

Be thankful that you can be among those who sell out and by the same do not lose out, for in constantly abiding in Me and My purposes, you will be full of the life that is in the vine. It is senseless to become a dead branch and by the same to be waiting to be burned, that is, in the fires of hell. How much better it is to forsake the broad way and go in the straight and narrow way wherein I abide.

When you are serving Me with your all because you have answered the call, then you can be assured that you will be given all that you need to do My will and be found pleasing Me in the same.