Don’t Doubt, Believe and Receive

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not be in doubt; rather be in faith in Me. There is no reason to limit Me and dictate what I can and cannot do for you, for I am the God of impossibilities, which means that the things that men and women cannot do, I can do.

When you see people who are always questioning whether or not I will do the things they pray for that are not evil, they allow doubt to cloud their faith. When anyone is continually yielding to doubt rather than faith, then they will be overcome in that doubt rather than uplifted in the way that I intend. You are not meant to be giving way to doubt, for it fosters unbelief, which is very evil in My sight.

There are things that I desire to do through My people that will astound the unsaved and dislodge the “unbelieving believers” from their seats of control. The mistake that so many of those who are calling themselves by the Name of My Son Jesus Christ is that they have no confidence in the supernatural abilities that are continually manifest through Him.

Jesus came to earth demonstrating that My kingdom is much higher than all of the kingdoms and powers of men, women, and demons. However, there are more manifestations of power and glory that are yet to be seen. He is the One who declared that those who were and would be His true disciples would do greater works than He did. The world at this time is in an extremely desperate and debauched state inasmuch as the majority are hell-bound and living in the darkness that only the True Clear Light will dispel.

Therefore, if you are calling yourselves His followers, then you need to fight the good fight and maintain your faith in Him and do the works, the greater works that He declared would be done by and through those who believe. Be glad even now that He is the pattern you are meant to follow, the One who has given the example as the One who leads you in the way of My kingdom, which is full of power and glory.

Keeping these things in mind, do not deviate from Me and the way that I provide for you. Instead, be persistent in your confidence in Me, not wavering between two masters and by the same living in doubt, fear, and unbelief. Likewise, when the demons attempt to assail your minds and take you far from Me, refuse and refute them in their attempts. You are not meant to collapse to the devil and his demons; you are to continue steadfast in your confidence in Me.

The more that you are insistent in declaring your trust in Me, the more that you will trust Me and see that nothing is really impossible. Be thankful that you can be uplifted and guided forth, not devoured by doubt, but rather rejoicing to see just how infinite are the riches and power of My eternal, everlasting kingdom.

In the times that are ahead, know of a surety that I intend to display openly the miracle power that is far beyond all of the so-called powers that men and women, as well as nations, are exhibiting and bragging of. Such ones will be exposed and disposed of as they are shown up in the darkness and evil intents that they are full of. Be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude and following the commands of My Spirit, as there are mighty miracles yet to be seen and made manifest.

As you increase in faith and trust in Me, so are you able to stir others to greater trust in My kingdom. My intention is that My true people would live long and bring forth much fruit for My kingdom. Therefore, keep your trust, your faith, and your confidence in Me and see which way My Spirit is moving, then move with the same.

Too bad for those who want to remain in unbelief and mistrust of Me, for they are the ones who are following demons and remaining in the prison houses of captivity. If they refuse to cooperate with Me, then they make themselves obvious and I can strip them of any demonic powers they may imagine themselves to have, and leave them to flounder.

Considering the power that is given to the ones who are following the Holy Spirit directives and commands, how important it is to drive out demons and to cause men and women to be stripped of the delusional demons. Once such souls are set free, not all will choose to serve Me, because many love the darkness wherein they committed their gross sins and abominations.

However, the ones who taste of the new life and love the same will seek to please Me and be guided daily by My Spirit. These will be thankful for My Son and will give themselves to relationship, not religion. They will be convicted and abhor the sins they formerly committed in darkness, and desire to walk in the light.

Such ones as these are a joy to behold because they are not looking back. Rather, they are looking for more and more of My righteousness, My power, and My glory to be revealed. They will see themselves as recipients of the greatest gift and miracle, that is, to be born again of the incorruptible seed of Jesus Christ.

I intend for the signs of My Kingdom to be evidenced in these times and for those who serve Me to do so in complete dedication and consecration because they are thankful for salvation. Those who are claiming to be believers, yet are living for the world, are deceiving themselves, for they are not showing forth the glory of My kingdom. Nor do the signs follow them, because they are not true to Me. They will regret in hell their choices.