Defang the Big Bang

I speak unto you this day and I say: There are many perils on the horizon that will cause those who are outside of My covering to be overwhelmed by anxiety, fear, and terror. Some will become so vexed by such demonic powers that their hearts will literally fail them, and they will die. I do not intend for people to be overtaken by demons of fear to the point that they live in terror night and day over what is happening and what is coming.

If you stop and consider the price that people pay to get their way, it is not worth it. While they imagine that they are getting their way, what they are doing is being directed and commanded by wicked demonic forces that want to cause them mental torments continually. Those who have chosen the broad way that is far from Me will see that the broad way will cause them to be continually seeking and searching, yet never coming to the truth.

The main reason that people do not come to the truth is because they don’t want the truth, because truth will expose the lies and delusions they have convinced themselves of. Somehow, they believe that their sins and trespasses are hidden from Me. They are not. Such transgressions, violations, and abominations are very evident unto Me, and I see them in all that they do in violation of My standard and purpose.

I absolutely do not want people to perish, yet they choose to because they have wandered far from Me. I do not want My sheep to be among such ones, because My sheep will hear My voice and another they will not follow. This is because they are found in relationship rather than religion. Think of the ones who are in the captivity of religion. They do their rites, their rituals, their prayers, and all the while they imagine somehow their dead gods, their idols, will save them.

Yet inside, the news of the world attaches itself to their minds and their hearts, and they are found living in continual fear and dread of what the future holds for them. Over and over, they will go down and be overtaken because they have gone in the broad way. As the media continues to hammer the multitudes with the fear and terror of the “big bang,” when the world will collapse under nuclear war, they consider not where they will go after death.

I have put over My true united believers the ability to refuse, refute, and rebuke the demonic powers that want to take all into terror. My people who are trusting in Me and keeping their confidence ever upon Me will be able to “defang the big bang”! This is because they know that death for them no longer holds the sting, nor do they need to tremble in fear and live in despair and dread of what is coming upon the earth.

Instead, they can be in peace because they are equipped with the weapons of warfare and they are using the same. They are not afraid of the powers of darkness that hold the vast multitudes in the broad array in the way that will prove to be death and damnation.

I absolutely keep the ones who are walking in the pattern of My Son Jesus Christ in the peace that passes understanding. They are able to continually render helpless and useless the serpentine demons, the devouring lion demons, and every other foul spirit that would want to take them as captive slaves. As My people, you are not meant to believe that the world will end tomorrow, for there is enough evil present today.

Therefore, do not take on the very fears that the enemies are pouring forth upon the earth at this time. Those who look to Me will understand that much of what is being projected as uncontrollable wars erupting is not so. Most wars are the consequence of power-hungry proud leaders who are involved in political maneuvering and want to control through fear and terror. However, when it is Me that you look to, you will understand that the commands of the Holy Spirit are given to you to guide you and keep you from the lies and liars.

As you are serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude, it will be evidenced to you that I am the One who is in complete authority over you. Likewise, you will be aware that there is no reason to go down under the influences that are sent to kill, steal, and destroy.

There is no reason to live under the covering of the devil and his demons, for he has lost his power. When My Son Jesus completed His course on earth, He became both Lord and Christ. Through belief in Him, you have been set free from the former master. Both roaring lion and serpentine demons are defanged.

Know that the key to conquest is confidence and trust in the inherited power you have gained through Jesus as your Savior, your Deliverer, and your King. You are not meant to be subject to vain, profane, and insane leaders who want you to be enslaved to terror and live constantly in such a mindset. You have the power to overcome all of the tactics of the wicked worthless tormentors, who want to recapture you.

Rejoice to be redeemed and in the confidence that you have the best guide to get you through this earthly journey. As pilgrims and strangers, you are not to live in fear and terror. Rather realize that My Spirit is continuing to lead and guide you into all truth.

As your love for Me is being made perfect, you will have dominion over fear and terror. Likewise, what men and women think of you will not matter, as you will have dominion over their opinions. Do not dread the big bang. The same does not rule you!