What Is Coming Depends on You

I speak unto you this day and I say that what is coming in your lives depends on you and the choices you make. Those who are choosing for sin and what they imagine to be “their own way” are choosing for destruction, devastation, death, and damnation. Likewise, those who are choosing for My way are choosing for instruction, direction, life, and salvation. That is, the choices that people make determine where they live, both now and forever.

Know how important it is that every day you seek the mind of My Spirit and do not walk according to your own understanding, for the same is darkened and will only take you far from Me. I do not intend that My people would be far from Me; I intend that they would be near to Me and coming forth under the mind of My Spirit, which is My mind.

When you see the ones who imagine they are having things “their way,” know they are literally living under the control of demons and by the same they are being led down the road of their own despair. I do not want them to go that way; they choose that way because they prefer to live in the deception that is of demonic conception. Then they imagine in the same that they are doing what they want.

Reality is, they are captives and they have chosen the captivity they are living in. Know of a surety that I do not want you in captivity; I want you to be found on the freedom road. As you are on the freedom road, you can be leading others to the same, for that road is My way, and those who remain on such are found on the way that leads to eternal life. On that freedom road, My mercies are found in abundance.

According to the times of men, the times ahead will prove to be totally uncertain to the vast multitudes who have no concept of the future that they will have after they die. Most do not even give consideration to the fact that they are the ones who make their choices for life with Me or for death by the powers of darkness.

Why would I want those whom I have created to go to hell? I do not. It is they who are too lazy to make efforts towards their own future destination. They are content to barely muddle through their days, because their hearts are hard, and they are far from Me.

Duration of nations does not last forever. Although the world’s leaders in these times have extreme lust for global domination, know that I can bring the total devastation and ruination of such insane and despotic rulers as well as the collapse of their kingdoms. By My power, the kingdoms of men can be totally devastated and remembered no more.

It is no new thing to see leaders become drunk on the powers they imagine themselves to have. In that state of intoxication, they are capable of insane and erratic behaviors. They are living in fear for their own lives and the loss of their powers. They face continual betrayal and undermining from the ones who see how really corrupt they are. Yet, when such ones are given a chance at leadership, they become just as possessed as were the former leaders. All of this comes about because they are likewise being driven by demons, and the lust and greed for power and possessions overtakes them.

When you see the world appearing as though it could end tomorrow, and people possessed by fear and the terror of the “end of the world,” know that I reign supreme and I am the true nuclear power. The wicked shall be brought down because I will not tolerate their deeds forever, and while they imagine they remain forever, they will collapse. This is because when any builds without Me, they are building on shifting sands and relying on lies rather than the truth.

Their labors are in vain, and the very things they build apart from Me will prove to be totally faulty and will end in heaps of ruination. The leaders who imagined that they would never die will see their own destruction and devastation, then they will be in damnation forever. Do not live in fear of the commands and demands of such idiots, for they are not able to rule forever. Instead, the end of their lives will be much sooner than they have falsely believed.

Be aware that you will see more destruction upon the wicked, for it is Me the Living God who will bring them down. Realize that they mean nothing to Me because they have chosen to be ruled by demon powers rather than My power. Their choices every day have been in opposition to the mind of My Spirit, as they have delighted themselves in the darkness of their own minds and trusted the same. However, their minds were covered completely by demon powers, and their agendas were therefore full of gross darkness.

I want My true ones to rejoice and live in the attitude of gratitude each day that they are not ruled by the profane, insane madmen and women who want to be ruled by demons. The reason they want demonic rule is because they are full of evil imaginations and deeds. Know of a surety that when people are committing wickedness, the same is evident to Me. I am not blind as they are, for I see their daily choices and their evil deeds, and I likewise punish them in this life and throughout eternity in hell.

This day do not look with dread and doubt. Rather banish such outlooks, for it is Me the Living God who will keep the ones who are true to Me, and I will increase their hope, their trust, and their faith in Me. They will be equipped with My nuclear anointing, and they will win the war in the spirit!