Triumph or Terror, You Decide

I speak unto you this day and I say: In the times on the horizon, there is going to be shaking and quaking throughout the earth. This is because as My true people pray, I am going to bring down powers of tremendous evil and wickedness.

Therefore know that there is great responsibility and accountability for My people to enter into prayer and stay there. I absolutely do not want My people to be under the imagination that they are not involved. They are very much involved. I desire that My true ones would be in absolute allegiance with Me, as I will hear them when they pray.

When My true people will pray in accordance with My desire, they will see Me set them on fire for My kingdom. They will come forth knowing that I am indeed the One who will lead them in the holy war in the spirit dimension, for I am their Commander, the One who bears rule over them.

On the horizon, there are two choices for people to make, and the consequences they will know are according to their choices. I intend for people to be in triumph because they are following My Spirit’s commands and directives. Those who do will know victory after victory, for they will see Me move in victorious ways, and they will be enabled by the same to know that I reign supreme.

Those who choose to adhere to the world will know defeat, and they will live under the terror of all manner of evil and wickedness. They will literally go insane, give way to vileness and violence, and be found committing crimes against Me and My standard of conduct. Because of their refusal to choose for Me, they will undergo misery after misery as they see their imagined safeguards being demolished. The things that they have preferred to be their securities will fail them. They will howl to their idols who cannot hear nor speak. Nothing but futility and fatality await them, for they loved to depart and become deviates in the same.

Be thankful that you do not need to go in the way of the wayward. Rather, you can be uplifted, strengthened, and given the hope, the faith, and the power to live in triumph. Be glad that you do not have to face your days in madness and sorrow, wishing there was no tomorrow. Rather, you can rise up with gladness and joy, knowing that the way that My Spirit takes you is the way of victory, for it is the way home.

Consider the confusion that is now present for the vast multitudes. The same will only increase and be multiplied for those who are looking to any other god or goddess. Those who pay heed to the goddess Media will find that she and her minions put forth messages of confusion and looming darkness daily. They will leave people by their lying reports in a state of despair, depression, and complete hopelessness. The truth is that they themselves will be in such a state as they have no hope, no vision, and no trust.

I will, as My true believers unite in prayer, show them that I AM the Almighty and it is Me who has the world in My hands. Therefore, if it is Me that you are looking to and choosing, you will be enlightened to perceive and receive of Me. Know that the false messengers will be under confusion themselves, and while they will demand more and more money from their deluded followers, nothing they declare will prove to be true.

The political arena will be full of continual contention and chaos. The religious arena will be full of liars seeking only to make gain off of the confusion of the times. The media will be totally in darkness as they make assumptions based on quaking and shaking powers that will be brought down as My people pray. Likewise, the existing governmental powers will be in complete fear as they behold their domination being in ruination.

Yes, these are terrible times for those who oppose Me, and terror shall be their state of being. They will be faced prematurely with the agonies of hell and the total torment found in the habitation of the damned. Day and night, they will be under vexation, and while they think to find refuge in their overindulgence and debauchery, they will only gain more misery.

Keep your vision absolutely single and you will know repeatedly the joy that only I can bring, and you will see that I am who I say that I am. You will not be under the darkness of the terrorizing troubles that beset the world’s people. Instead, you will see the sun arising and likewise know that My power is ever present to you as you abide in Me.

Therefore, do not neglect to pray every day as My Spirit directs you, and walk in the discernment that is given by the Spirit, that you are kept in the straight and narrow way that is life. Be glad even now that you are not intended to be in the humiliation and devastation that is all around. Choose to humble yourselves unto Me and by the same be uplifted and enabled to give Me thanks and praise.

More than ever, do not lend your ears to those who appear to be so clever while they are spinning tales and taking people under their spells of enticement, enchantment, and the seduction of their souls. Realize that the evil wicked rulers in the world have evidenced themselves in proud array. However, they will not stay in rule, for it is Me the Living God who reigns eternal, and you will see Me manifest My powers in ways that are beyond human perceptions. I am the true nuclear power who is in control.