Fools in Their Folly Will Fall

I speak unto you this day and I say that in the year ahead according to the times of men, you will see many fools who will fall in their folly. That is, they will fall down from their high seats of so-called power and end up in the mire of their own making. The leadership of nations in these times is full of foolish men and women, and it is Me the Living God who will bring them down and reduce them to nothing because I am thoroughly disgusted with all that they are doing.

I do not want you to be involved in their decisions, for the same are based on deceit and are intended to devour integrity and uprightness. Therefore, do not live in the fear of fools, for it is Me the Living God who bears rule over you and intends for you to walk uprightly and come forth giving Me thanks and praise.

When My people are respecting Me, they will not be deceived, nor will they be taken in the insanity of those who are leading the multitudes into the ditch of destruction and damnation. It has never been My intention that those who are Mine would be devoured and destroyed. It is My intention that they come forth in way of wisdom that I provide. As My people are accepting and respecting the guidance and direction being given to them through the Holy Spirit, they will find the peace.

Even in the midst of war, I give peace to the ones who are continually trusting and looking unto Me as the One they are meant to please. I absolutely do not want My people to be among the deviates who have desired evil in their hearts. Those who are too lazy to deal with their own issues will give themselves over to demons, and those forces will bear rule over them. Then, when they are found in the mess of their own making, they want to point the finger and wag the tongue.

I do not intend for this to be their way of life. They are the ones who are fools and love their folly. So it is with the nations. They are being led by fools who will fall in their folly and will not rise again because I will not allow them to rise up. Be alert and alive under the mind of My Spirit and come forth ever knowing that I bear rule over you in all things.

If you really consider the advantages you have in Me, then you will not be eager to go astray and out of the way of wisdom. As you take a discerning look at the conditions of complete chaos that most operate under, why is it so? The answer is simple enough: They prefer to be ruled by demons and despise the rule of righteousness that I want for humanity.

When the fools are so adamant in their disdain for Me and they want to wallow in wantonness and crazy behaviors, they bring obvious ruination. The ruination is not private; it is public, because fools are proud and want to broadcast their foolery and cause others to fall for their boasting and bragging. This is why I do not hold you responsible to be submitted to such fools, because they are deserving of destruction, desolation, depression, and damnation of their souls.

These so-called advanced times are full of the stupidity and sensuality of the fools who are looking to please demons and their own evil carnality. Over and over, I have sent warnings to them. In their blindness of pride, they will brush off the same in annoyance and hatred because they love themselves and care not for the well-being of others. Driven by demons, possessed of selfishness and determined for destruction, they are poisonous.

Be thankful that you can see yourselves for what you are: citizens of My eternal kingdom who are headed for eternity with Me. Inasmuch as you have been given the priceless gift of salvation, cherish that gift, for it is of lasting value. In a culture that promotes destruction, disrespect, disobedience towards Me, as well as vileness and violence, be glad that you are of My kingdom and not the kingdoms that pass away.

It is not My intention that you would be found among those who are adhering to folly. Rather, you can be adhering to Me in continual gratitude. You are privileged to be redeemed, renewed, and restored to Me as your Father and the One who loves you more than you can ever understand in this earthly life. I want you to be a people who are increasing in faith, confidence, and trust in Me, for I am indeed the One who is well able.

Of course, there is confusion, calamity, and chaos all around because of the fleshly coverings of proud men and women who are in charge of the nations, and people are becoming increasingly more vile and violent. Why? Because they are under the auspices of the arrogant and insane.

I want My people to be in the peace of a sane and sound mind, knowing that they have the hope that I give, which far surpasses the hopeless and helpless desolation and despair that so many live in during these times. You are the ones that I want to fulfill My purposes and not be caught up in the political pride and confusion of the weird wizards who espouse wisdom they do not have. Their so-called wisdom is complete foolishness before Me, for they are fools who are destined to fall in their folly and be unable to rise again.

When you consider that the world’s people are encased in the slavery of sin, that sin-disease is death. Be thankful all the more that you are not meant to be of this world, even though you are in this world. Your life is hidden with Christ in Me, and there is no power of men or demons that can change that!