To Take Revenge Is to Rebel Against Me

I speak unto you this day and I say that vengeance belongs to Me, and those who think that they may take revenge against their enemies and be well pleasing to Me are deceived. When it is stated clearly in My Word that I will take the necessary revenge against those who have wronged My people, then My people take up revenge themselves, they are in rebellion.

When I make a declaration, it is not that men and women would find fault with that declaration. It is that they would pay heed to that declaration and be coming forth well pleasing unto Me, because when men, women, and even children, listen to My dictates and choose to obey the same, then they are in right standing with Me. However, when those who claim to be Mine willfully disobey My commands in order to have the power of their own way, they are walking in the way that is rebellion against Me.

Be glad even now that you do not have to be found in the way that is rebellion against Me, but you can subdue your own carnality and the demonic powers that rule the same. You are not meant to act on the impulse that will demand and command you to “get back at your enemies.” You are not meant to be in subjectivity to carnality nor to demons. Rather, you are to be in subjectivity to the Holy Spirit and obey the commands of the same.

As you consider the endless times that the devil and his demons have beset My people with self-assurance and pride to imagine that they can overwhelm and overtake their enemies by their own strength, it is sad to see how many have fallen for the trick. I do not find pleasure in such ones, for their hearts are far from Me and they have hidden pockets of pride that are revealed under pressure.

Pride is an abomination and can deceive even those who have been faithful to Me in times past. Do not take account of your works and brag on the same, but rather humbly submit to the mind of My Spirit. As you follow the instructions that My Spirit gives to you, be thankful that you do not need to be trusting in your carnal mind.

Remember that the mind of the carnal nature is in opposition to Me and always will be. Therefore, do not listen to the ranting and raging of carnality, for the same are not intended to bear rule over you. It is in the realms of carnality that demons dwell and dictate to vast multitudes the commands and demands that will damn the souls of those who pay heed to the authoritarian rule of such forces.

The devil and his forces are very adept at using enchantment, enticement, and seduction to cause My people to rise and take revenge into their own hands and by the same rebel against Me. No man, woman, or nation is capable of being right with Me when they are in rebellion against My authority. Those who are so stupid as to lend their ears to demons are indeed capable of doing the very things that are a grief and a shame to Me.

It is not intended that you would take on the covering of demons and listen to them as though they had command over you. Those who are listening to demons will not listen to My Spirit. Instead, they will be the first to take up arms and go after the ones they have been wronged by. It takes real faith and integrity of relationship with Me to resist the temptations that the enemy uses to cause you to rebel .

This is the time for repentance revolution, not revenge through rebellion. Therefore, move with My commands and My timings, for in the same is found My life as you obey the Holy Spirit directives sent to keep you in subjectivity to Me rather than the devil. The more that you resolutely rebel against the devil and his demons, the stronger you will become in Me and the more power you will have in the spirit dimension.

Do not forget that you are meant to labor as My deliverers to those who are bound in the slave chains of sin. If you deviate from My purpose to go and fight with those who have opposed you, you will be involved in battles that I do not ordain. As long as there is a devil and his demon forces, My true people will have enemies, because it is as Jesus My Son has declared. Those who are standing true will be hated by the world and spoken evil of.

There is a great price to pay in order to have the pearl of My kingdom in your life, and that price is to choose identity with Jesus above any other identity. If you consider, when you take revenge into your own hands, you are vexing My Spirit and you are assuming that you are more capable than I to accomplish the job.

This in mind, keep alert and do not be caught off guard. You have the enemies clearly shown: the world, the old carnal nature, and the devil and his demons. You are not meant to be found listening to or siding with any of these forces, for they all bring about death and damnation. Instead, be thankful that you can continue to fight the good fight for the faith I intend you to keep and grow in daily.

As you look to Jesus as the pattern Son, you see clearly that He did not turn on His enemies and desire them dead on the spot. He, in His most painful hour, prayed for them to Me inasmuch as He said, “they know not what they do.” By His example in living and in dying, you are meant to walk in His steps and become conformed to the image and likeness of the Son, for He is the pattern you are to be following in order to be found well pleasing to Me. Be serving each day in the attitude of gratitude, knowing I bear rule over you.