Now or Never

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who desires you to pay heed to the call that I am putting forth in this hour. Be glad that you can choose Me, for I am ever present in the power you need to go forth in the way that is life. There are multitudes who are putting off responding to Me, and the longer they do, the more miserable they become, because they are choosing to live as losers.

I do not intend that people would procrastinate in repenting unto Me and coming forth in the Way Beautiful, the way that is eternal life. I want the ones who are Mine to be uplifted and rejoicing, for I do not withhold any good thing from them. However, the ones who are spiritually lazy and double-minded are of course taken up with the world and the vanities of the same. Be glad even now that you do not need to have eyes full of adultery. Rather, you can keep your vision single and as you do, you will not be made ashamed nor left desolate.

No one knows the day or the hour when their course is finished on this earth, and the ones who imagine that they know so much are foolish because they know nothing at all. It is wisdom to adhere to My way. It is stupidity to go in the broad way, for all of the many choices in that way lead to death and damnation. I do not want people to put off their turning unto Me through My Son Jesus Christ and find the mercies He offers to them.

It is imperative in these times of profanity, perversity, and insanity, people make their choices for Me. To procrastinate is dumb, for death could come upon them suddenly, and their end is hell. Therefore be aware that you must bind up the demonic spirits that want to keep people in a state of natural and spiritual laziness and non-concern regarding the destiny of their own souls. It is not My intention for people to be found in spiritual sloth and unwilling to make changes for My kingdom. Yet, that is a prevailing force, as multitudes are found in the fog of indecision.

Because of the advancement of the devil’s agenda, multitudes are taken down in the devices of demons, and the majority of the population is under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Because of the alteration of behaviors due to these substances, few have clear minds and are thereby enabled to decide and choose between good and evil. I do not want you under such influences, for they make a person numb and dumb and of course, I do not want you to be in such a shape.

Therefore, as you become aware of the evil agenda composed of men, women, nations, and of course demons, you will see the need to pull down the strongholds that are causing many to be enslaved to multiplied sins and abominations. I do not want you to be found bound in such a situation, for the same will prove to be desolation and destitution of soul. Keeping this in mind, be alert to the heavy blanket of depression that multitudes are covered by. While they may put on an outward display of “pleasure and fun,” they are not at all content, for they find no satisfaction in their folly.

I the Living God do see beyond the facades that so many hide behind, and I see very clearly their conditions of mind and soul. I do not want souls to be perishing because they are bound up by fear, indecision, and depression. There are endless multitudes who are dissatisfied in their lives because they are under the sin-disease, yet they are too bound to make any concrete decisions to change. Most of them do not have the strength or determination to make changes. Therefore, they are under the direct influences of the demon goddess Media, and she sends forth her minions to put the spells she wants over the minds of multitudes throughout the earth.

While the advancement of technology has made what men and women consider to be “great improvements,” those improvements are not so great as they would assume, for through such technological advancements, global mind and soul control are the evil forces at work.

Sad to say, many of those who claim to be Mine are more fascinated with computer technology and the use of robots than they are with My Spirit. They falsely assume that I am impressed with their abilities. I am not at all impressed, for it is not My covering that they are under. Robots do not have souls, and when those who claim to be My people get caught up in the various devices of demons, they are not reaching out to souls.

These are serious issues to be looked at realistically. My Son did not die to save robots, for the same are crafty inventions to deviate souls and take them in the broad way of advanced technology. My Son gave His life that human souls could be redeemed from the penalty of their sins. I do not want My people, who are meant to be My messengers, to be deviated and taken down the robot road to hell and damnation of their souls.

Beware of the enchantment and infatuation with the devices that want you to love them more than you love Me. Be alert and alive because you are under the covering of My Spirit and not the spirits of the world and all of its so-called advancements. Realize that My way is the only way that leads to eternity with Me, and My kingdom must be preached now, for today is the day of salvation, and people may never have another chance for life. Be thankful unto Me that I do give the ultimatums. Otherwise, people perish in the mire of indecision and procrastination.