What Is Your Reality? Life or Fatality?

I speak unto you this day and I want you to ponder the question I ask: What is your reality? Do you choose to live for Me and have life, or do you choose to live for self and the devil and have fatality? It is very important that you resolve this question because this is a very important issue in these times, as death is lurking everywhere to grab hold of the unprepared.

It is My intention and desire that people would choose for Me and be brought forth in the newness of life that is found through Jesus Christ My Son, the Savior sent to redeem all who repent. However, because of the demonic powers that have gone out into the world in these times, the majority will easily succumb to the pressures of demons that are surrounding any and all who are vulnerable.

I do not want any of those who have come into the life that is found through Jesus to turn back to the fatality lifestyle and perish in their sins. Rather, I want them to be enabled to come forth, knowing of a surety that it is Me they are meant to serve, to please, and obey with all of their hearts as they are in obedience to My will for their lives.

Therefore, I desire for you to be aware of the battle in the spirit that is raging continually for the souls of human beings. It is intended that, as those who have come into the better way that you have found through Jesus, you would be determined to remain in that better way. As you are maintaining your integrity with Me, proclaim the better way to others who are in the balance and need to decide.

I did not send My Son into the world for those who would use His Name for their own selfish lifestyles. He gave His all for My kingdom, and I want all who are real with Me to give their lives for My kingdom. My kingdom is meant to shine forth in this sin-sick, dark and damned world. People are so caught up in the sin-disease that they are totally disabled to maintain any kind of integrity with Me. As a consequence of their wrong choices, they are driven daily by the powers of darkness into more and more sin whereby they become abomination before Me and are helpless and hopeless.

The ones who have made wrong choices are the ones who are needy of redemption and the mercy that is available through Jesus. Therefore, it is important to maintain integrity with Him and proclaim to the lost, the dying, the perishing, the Kingdom that remains. When men and women are choosing in opposition to Me, they will go down under the weight of their choices, and the same will prove to be fatality if they do not repent. This is why the evangelistic pursuit of the lost must never cease.

Jesus came to set the captives free. He did not come to give forth carnal riches, material gain, and a false security. No, He came to free the slaves of sin and to give them the freedom road. Because of the purpose of His mission on earth, those who are truly Mine are so because He completed His mission and did not stop along the way.

Keeping this in mind, know that there is no turning back, for to turn back is to make the choice for death rather than life. Therefore, make every day count in terms of your commitment and your dedication to Me. Know of a surety that the more you are dedicated to Me, the more you will be set free in Me to direct others into the freedom road.

Reality is, I and My Son as well as the Holy Spirit want all who hear the call to obey and be redeemed. Therefore, as co-laborers, do your absolute best to put forth the true representation of My kingdom and see others guided into life rather than the fatality and finality of death and damnation.

You are citizens of My kingdom and not this earthly kingdom that will pass away. Therefore, your allegiance is not to the insane rulers and their despotic decisions of madness. Your allegiance is to Me, for through My guidance, you will know the power and the glory that I intend you to have upon you.

Inasmuch as you are on earth as My ambassadors, let your representation of My kingdom be one that reflects your respect and reverence for Me. The more that you exhibit My better way, the more that the captive slaves, the hungry, the hurting will be drawn to My kingdom.

Do not begrudge correction and instruction, for the same are sent to you that you are guided forth in the way that I intend, and because you pay heed, you will see multitudes redeemed and restored. This is the time that I will show forth My wrath, fury, and indignation on the foolish who want to remain as fools in their folly. However, I will show forth My mercy on the ones who sigh and cry out to be redeemed from the sin-disease and come forth in the freedom road, no longer living in captivity to sin-slavery. I hear the cries of the prisoners and I send the Message to them through My true believers.

Be rejoicing even this day that you are not bound but have found the better way and that you can serve Me with consistent rejoicing each day, for I give to you all that you need to do the commission I have for you. Those who put their hands to the work then throw down the same for the futility of lies will finish in fatality. Those who continue steadfast will store treasures in heaven and they will see with joy the souls who are set free to follow Me.

Therefore, know that the work that I have called you unto is honorable and respectable, and is likewise valuable beyond what the carnally minded will ever realize. Be glad to give honor, glory and praise to Me all of your days!