Destitution, Desolation, and Damnation

I speak unto you this day and I say that My people who have refused to listen to Me will suffer from their stubbornness and refusal to pay heed. Because they have gone a whoring and taken up the ways of the heathen, they shall pay for the same. When I have repeatedly sent My prophets unto them, crying out against their sins, and they have refused to listen, then their blood and the blood of their generations is on their own hands.

Whenever any people who call themselves by My Name go a whoring from Me, I will vindicate My fury upon them for their multiplied transgressions against the righteousness I require and desire, and for their hatred for Me. Why is it that I have brought forth My people in mercy and they prefer the wickedness of their own way? It’s because they are choosing evil over good.

The choices that men and women make are not according to My desire when they are siding with misery above My mercy. Those who are gravitated to the way of their own desires for evil are choosing that which I never intended, so they are ruled by demons. This is because their deeds are evil, and they want to continue in their sins against Me. Know of a surety that they reap what they sow, and I find no pleasure in them, for their sins only increase as time goes by. They refuse rebuke and they refuse to resist the wicked one and his demon forces.

I am not mocked, and those who will follow folly rather than righteousness are doing so because they literally want the course that will take them down rather than up into My way. Therefore, do not be swayed out of My way and into the course of despair and destruction. Instead, be knowing of a surety that there are ways that seem right to men, but those ways are the broad way, and nothing but deception is found in the same.

How many want the truth in these times is far less than the vast multitudes who are easily adhering to the insanity of these times when the nations are ruled by despotic and erratic leaders who have world conquest in mind. On every side, the eruptions of violence, the increase of bloodshed, and the entrance of death are common. Nations that once were in order before Me are fast becoming wastelands of destitution, and the retribution they receive is My wrath, fury, and indignation because of their iniquities.

Do not consent to the demonic powers that are in rule when the only direction they are taking anyone is the course of destruction and consequential damnation. The choices found in the broad way are the ones that will lead any who adheres to them to their own devastation.

Do not choose to listen to the directives of death. Rather stay in tune with My Spirit and choose to listen to the commands of life. It is not My intention that you end up in destitution, desolation, and damnation. I have not called you to the violation that leads to the abomination that is found throughout the land. I have called you to walk and live in the joy of salvation.

Those who are choosing to walk uprightly will not be found in the way of fools, for they will pay heed to the warnings that I give to them and turn away from the dangers that are on the horizon. Those who are headstrong and stiff-necked will stubbornly resist all godly wisdom and instruction and walk right into their own destruction.

The fools say in their hearts that there is no god, yet I am God, and I send My Spirit to call them to turn from their foolishness. Yet they will not turn away from the evil they have chosen above the good that I give to all who pay heed to My call. Because of the foolishness of those in high places, the land groans under the weight of the sins and abominations that are being committed.

I send multiplied disasters to call attention to the impending destruction that will be poured out if people refuse to repent. Yet, because of the insanity of those who bear rule, they willfully choose in opposition to that which is decent, upright, and wise. Instead, they surround themselves with counselors and advisers who are increasing the lies that spew forth upon the land.

Those in rule and all of their advisers have come under demonic control and reflect the same. Lies and liars are found on every level. Children are trained to believe in lies and defy their parents who are living in truth. The lack of respect for Me is causing the havoc, unrest, uprisings, and violence that are being evidenced everywhere. I do not want people in such conditions, and I send My prophets with the warnings against what is on the horizon.

However, being full of pride, the leaders defy sound and godly counsel, and the people follow the dark leaders. This brings nothing but the refusal to reform and the determination to destroy any who stands for truth and the righteousness I want from human beings. The ugliness of sin is seen everywhere, and the children of the damned are the reflection of the sins of their parents, who have wanted damnation above salvation.

Yet, it is Me the Living God who is well able to arise and put down those who are full of hatred, violence, and murder to where there is no sign of them left living. Yes, I am capable of destruction far beyond what people and nations can do to each other.

While the control-lusting crazies vie for superiority, they will tremble and moan in the anguish they shall be under as I move in fury, wrath, and indignation. The nations are a mere speck before Me, and I can destroy the evil and bring up the righteousness. Have hope!