Why Do You Persecute My Prophets?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: Why do you persecute My prophets and imagine that I will accept you in the same? I say that I will not, because you are walking in that which is stupidity before Me. How really dumb you are to imagine that I send My prophets to you for you to accuse, abuse, and even murder them.

No, I do not send My prophets to you for you to destroy them; I send them to you to show you the sins you are committing before Me. Because you are stiff-necked and proud, you will not accept correction or reproof, but instead want to alleviate your wrongs by committing more wrongs. However, in your own minds you can do no evil, for you have been blinded by the god of this world and you love it so.

Be aware that you are not pleasing to Me in any way whatsoever, because you are going in the way of the damned and are doing so because you love evil more than good. Your hearts are full of lust for the world and the things of the world. You desire those things that pass away and will continue to fulfill the ugliness you have chosen to live, and pretend and delude yourselves otherwise.

Because of your choices, you prefer to be adhering to demons rather than obeying Me as the One you are meant to please and obey. Your sins are multiplying, and you are still found lying to yourself and to Me. Why do you imagine that you can do such atrocities and still be acceptable to Me? It is because you have, by your hatred for My prophets, shown that you love to be deluded rather than to walk in the truth.

Know of a surety that I am not making these declarations to those who do not know Me. I am telling you, the ones who are claiming the Name of My Son Jesus Christ yet are living in oppositions. When any people will deliberately accuse, abuse, and put through character mutilation those whom I send, they are setting themselves up as My enemies.

I do not have any respect for those who have chosen to live in abomination and separation from Me. Know that My intention is for those who love Me to respect those who I send to them with My Word. Be thankful for the Word, for the same is My mercy to you. How much better it is to be warned rather than to go blindly into the traps the demon powers have set for you.

Each day, choose to serve Me in the attitude of gratitude and keep yourselves in humility before Me, for I am the One who desires to see you kept and not lost in the endless cycle of religion. The ones who most adamantly opposed My true prophets, as well as John the Baptist and My Son Jesus Christ, were the religious who did not want to lose their places of comfort, convenience, and control over the ones they were meant to serve. They did not serve Me or My people. In fact, they kept them in captivity, while they refused to minister relationship with Me to the people.

I see that the same foul spirits of religion are present today, and they are attempting to convince people that they are to be found bound in religion and by the same they are safe. Religion and robots are false because they are the works of men and not My Spirit. I absolutely do not find pleasure in those who become “religious robots” because that is what they have been taught to do. In fact, I desire them to revolt and to come to Me through true conversion to My Son Jesus Christ. Then I want them in relationship with Me through Jesus and My Holy Spirit.

If you look at the falsehoods that enter in when the truth is locked out, you are seeing the religion of today’s so-called Christians: hypocrites, mockers, scoffers, and those who are full of their own mindsets, which are the work of demons. Sad to say, the majority of those who are bound in religion love it so because they do not have to be real with Me. Instead, they choose to believe the delusions they live in, because the same allows them to keep on sinning and go a whoring from Me.

Because the times are full of violence, bloodshed, wars and rumors of wars, there are multitudes who are looking for refuge. However, they are entering into the shelters of lies and hypocrisy that are taking them down the roads to nowhere. The real peace they look for they do not find, because they are settling for the facade of religion and assuming that is enough.

I do not want a people who are hypocritical pretenders because they are offenders before Me. Led by greedy and self-loving professionals, they easily despise those who come as My prophets declaring the Word that I send them to speak. Those who accuse, abuse, and mutilate My prophets will be judged accordingly inasmuch as they want to destroy the Word.

If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, repent of religion and come into the relationship that you are meant to adhere to and respect, in honoring Me as the One True God. As you are living in the respect of Me, you will not despise the Word that brings correction, instruction, and direction in righteousness.

You will be glad and rejoicing to be clear and clean because you have received the true messengers I send to you. You will not be able to invent your own way and declare it to be all right with Me. Rather, you will perceive and receive the true prophets and be guided by the messages I give them in the way of truth rather than living in deceit and delusion.