Love of Money Robs of True Treasures

I speak unto you this day and I say that the love of money is very deceitful and is sent by the devil to convince people, even My people, that money is the most important thing in life. However, the love of money is literally the root of all evil and causes multitudes to lose out on the true treasures that are found through Me. The love of money is the outright manifestation of greed and covetousness.

Even in the days of old, I commanded My people to be satisfied with what they had and to not be coveting what their neighbors had. When people give way to lusting after money, they will stop at nothing to gain the same. As you can see plainly with your eyes, when criminal leaders are greedy for more and more money, they will commit multiplied transgressions. In these times of such leadership, do not think it a strange thing to see all manner of evil behaviors being made manifest.

It is actually ridiculous when men and women are old and rich, yet they are greedy after more and more money, yet they are totally abandoned to the pursuit of money. What they are doing in such criminal behaviors is keeping themselves from any hope of redemption, for their greed and lust for money knows no ending. Be aware that I am not directing them; they are taking themselves into the ditch, and in the same they will die and perish in the untold sins they have committed in order to make earthly gain.

In the end of such cheaters and liars, they cannot take any of the riches they so carefully accumulated on earth with them. In fact, they will be left penniless and destitute in hell, faced with the criminal acts they committed against Me and the poor in order to make gain on earth. While leaders of nations give themselves over to greed and sell out the very people they are meant to protect and provide for, they literally are yielding to lust for more for themselves.

The cries of the poor do go unheeded, and they proceed with further acts of a traitorous nature in order to make more gain for themselves and their wicked offspring. As they are determined to commit such ungodly and perverse actions, they lie and lie, until they are unable to tell or even know what the truth is. Because they are possessed of demons, they can only do evil, because that is their motivation in life.

I never intend for those who have sworn to be faithful to the standards of conduct I desire, to violate repeatedly their oaths of office and become partners with known enemies of the nation. When such fools die, they can take none of their so-called treasures with them.

In hell, they will actually be tormented over not only their own wickedness, but likewise they will despise who it is that is using up their riches. Torments and agonies will be heaped upon them because of their abandonment of all standards of decency of conduct while on earth.

I am not mocked, and those who are insistent and persistent in pursuing the love of money are total fools before Me. If I give a man or woman wealth, they are not meant to keep such monies for themselves. Instead, they are to distribute the money as I direct them by My Spirit in order to help the people I direct.

Therefore, know that these ones are to be very attentive to their own hearts that they do not allow greed and covetousness to come in and overtake them. There are some throughout the times past who lived very frugally themselves, yet were entrusted by Me with great riches, which they used under the guidance of My Spirit. Such ones as these are rare in these times, for the majority are centered on the pursuit of comfort and convenience for themselves.

Why do those who are claiming to be My people fail to accumulate the true treasures? They do not seek for the treasures that remain and are stored in heavenly dimensions. Instead, they are actively pursuing those things that are considered to be of value by the world’s people. In this I am not pleased, and when they put their eyes on money, they are putting themselves in jeopardy, for I can easily take away the riches they love more than Me, and they will end with nothing.

I absolutely do not want My people to be doing such things and imagining that they are all right with Me. They are not all right at all. In fact, they are fools before Me, for they are chasing the wind, and in the same they become spiritually desolate.

Do not take up the greed for gain, but rather be content with what I provide, for it is Me the Living God who will give to you all that you need in every situation and circumstance that is before you. When you are actively doing My will, there is no good thing that I will withhold from you. Instead, I will make it evident over and over that I am the One who will always provide, protect, and purpose the ones who are Mine.

Therefore spend your time on this earth wisely and seek for godly wisdom, for the same is of far more value than the pursuit of money. Realize that the demons that possess people in the love of money are ugly, greedy, and never satisfied with anything that comes of their pursuits. Instead, they are frustrated, irritated, and consumed with the lust that allows them no peace or satisfaction.

There is found among the rich men and women the plague of dissatisfaction and fear. The more they have, the more they live in fear that the same will be taken from them. Thank Me that you can learn to abide satisfied, gaining the true riches of wisdom and storing treasure in heaven.