Broken Down, Turned Around by Jesus

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who will send to those who are broken down My messengers to tell them about Jesus My Son, that they can be turned around if they repent and come to Him. I find pleasure when the needy cry out to Me, even if they do not know the Name of My Son. Then I am able to send them Him, and they are restored to Me by their recognition that He is My Son as they repent of their sins.

I do not want people to go to hell, because I have given them the opportunity through Jesus to come forth in the newness of life, love and light that are found in Jesus. Then, as they are in acceptance, I give to them the Holy Spirit to lead and guide them forth in the way that I intend for men, women and children to walk in.

It only takes looking around to see that multitudes are terribly broken down by their circumstances, their situations, and their choices. Many of them want to make changes, but they have no resources to do so. Sad to say, the sin-disease has rotted them to the point that no one wants to help them.

In such a condition of being totally broken down, some of these will cry out to Me. I hear them when they cry, and no matter how far down they are, I respond to them and send My messengers to bear witness to them of the saving power of Jesus. Then the choice is theirs whether they choose life or death. There is truly only one way to be made alive, and that is through Jesus.

Needless to say, the sin-disease is rottenness, and many are so afflicted with the same that they believe nothing, and most of all, they do not even know who they are any more. This is because the demons who have taken control of them in the sin-disease have the control of their bodies, their minds, and their souls.

Multitudes are plagued day and night and find no way to escape from the very forces that want to destroy them, and so, they attempt to live out their days in destruction, devastation, and despair. They literally have no hope at all in their lives. Know that I do not put them there, because they are the ones who opened themselves up to the sin-disease, and by such choices they are in ruination.

There are some who are highly visible, and they exist homeless, hopeless, and helpless all over the streets across the nation. These ones have become so hardened and addicted to various substances that they are growing more rotten by the day. They have become more than just a nuisance, as they are now a plague.

Because of insane directives of governmental officials, the nation is importing by the hundreds of thousands, aliens from other nations, who are sent to further bring ruination and devastation. These ones are treated as royalty on entry, only to find their ways to the numbers of useless ones who have no hope and no place of establishment.

Soon, the dislocated and the home-born are in conditions of distress and are literally driven by demons to commit violence and murder among themselves as the urban streets grow more and more crowded with people. It literally is a mounting disaster that the government refuses to face with realistic choices. Instead, the insanity of rulings remains, and the homeless, hopeless, helpless numbers increase to the point of being a plague that cannot be stopped.

Believe Me, I see all that is happening, and I do search throughout the earth for those who will cry out to Me, and to them, no matter their conditions, I will send them My messengers to tell them the gospel. My signs will follow the messengers I send because they are in obedience to Me. Out of this vast multitude, some will believe as they see the signs following and even receive of the miracles made manifest in these times.

Be thankful that you turned to Me in your own state when you were broken down and unable to help yourselves. Remember that you are not meant to puff up on pride and grow selfish because your life is much better. Rather, you are meant to remember that there are multitudes perishing all around.

Do not be ashamed to take to the streets or anywhere else My Spirit calls to you to declare the truth that Jesus saves. When you are sent forth, do not expect to see people in good conditions. Expect to see them at their worst. When you behold such human misery, know that it is Me the Living God who wants to give forth mercy.

Therefore realize that I do not call My messengers to have their own little worlds of convenience and comfort. No, as My Son Jesus declared, such ones are to go into all the world and preach the gospel. This means that those who want to identify with Jesus Christ must become aggressive Christians inasmuch as they obey His command.

Do not offer to Me excuses and put off the obedience I want from you. Rather do diligence to be in the mode and motive of seeing souls redeemed and redirected in the repentance revolution that I am continually calling people worldwide unto.

Be glad that you can serve Me each day in the attitude of gratitude that you are no longer broken down and wanting to die, because I did hear your heart’s cry and sent My messengers to you, and you made the choice to live again.

This in mind, be open to My Spirit’s directives to you and bear witness of Jesus to any and all. Those who have an ear to hear will receive. Those who reject will exist in misery. Do not offer to My Spirit rejection of the Spirit’s commands. Rather see the misery and go forth declaring the Gospel.