Temper Tantrum Temptation

I speak unto you this day and I say that the devil and his demons are wanting those who are Mine to be lured into the trap of temptation to give in to the manifestation of temper tantrums, whereby they lose all self-control. In such exhibitions, they will show themselves to be overwhelmed and overtaken by the troubles that are found everywhere in these times.

However, I do not want My people to lose the control of their own reactions to the extent that they explode in ranting, raging, and even physical violence. It is intended that My people would learn by practice and calling upon the power that is found through Jesus to control those behaviors that are not pleasing to Me.

It is truly a sad state of affairs when those who are meant to be manifesting the power that is found in My kingdom give in and go on a temper binge whereby they prove that they are angry and disappointed with things the way that they are. I do not want My people to allow demons to incite them to the ranting, raging, and violence that are so commonplace in these days.

There are endless people who have ended in the ditch of despair because they chose to yield to anger rather than remaining steadily calling upon Jesus to give them insight into their circumstance and keep them calm. Inasmuch as Jesus has overcome the world, it is through and by His power that My people can resist and refuse the world’s ways of dealing with situations and circumstances.

The times you are living in are very fearful for the multitudes, and so many of them give way to the ventilation of their fears by yielding to the temptation to have temper tantrums. I absolutely do not want to see people commit crimes while under the influence of demonic powers that prompt them to all manner of evil because of what they are “going through” in their particular states of being.

It is not any gain to anyone when the explosiveness of anger and rage will show the ugly head of demons as they motivate people to such behaviors as are not pleasing to Me at all. As those who truly follow Me, I do not want to see My people captivated and taken into the bondage of an uncontrollable temper that will cause them never-ending troubles and sorrows in this life here on earth.

Therefore, keep in mind that you must exercise self-control, which you are given through the power that is found in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Lord. Do not allow self to get out of control and take you down a road that can only lead to destruction. Many crimes of violence and even murder are the result of people allow self to take over.

Remember, the old nature found in self is fueled by demonic input, and the agenda of the spirits of darkness remains the same. It is not My intention that My people would end up on the road to destruction because they let self get the upper hand and take over.

Remember that through belief and repentance unto Jesus you have been set free of the demonic powers that want to overtake you and devastate you, body, soul, and spirit. As My people, do not bring shame to yourselves by allowing the old nature to resurface and motivate you in ways that are a shame unto you and what you stand for.

This matter of temper tantrums is seen among today’s leaders, both nationally and globally. Because these leaders have abandoned any semblance of serving Me, they are easily triggered into the most despotic and tyrannical behaviors. Then wars and rumors of war are escalated, and the demons of fear and terror have a complete heyday.

There is no way that I give approval to them, nor do I expect My people to be respecting them, because there is no way that their demands are based on godly wisdom. As My people, do not look to obey demons. Look to obey Me and seek your counsel of Me, for I am the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end.

When it is Me that you look to, you will receive the counsel you have need of through My Holy Spirit, who is both in you and with you. Receive that guidance with gladness, and rejoice that you are not under the control of demonic powers that only want to see you dead and in hell.

I do not expect those who are My true united believers to be convinced to follow demonic demands. I expect them to follow the demands and commands of My Spirit, for the same will prove to be life, love, and light to them. Be knowing that you can walk each day in the attitude of gratitude because it is Me the Living God you are meant to serve with gladness and rejoicing.

Far too many have the expectation that they can do as they please, when they please, and not reap in sorrows and regret. They believe that they can let their tempers go and there are no repercussions from the same. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Inasmuch as you are living in insane times, do not expect for the world to give you approval or respect the ones who are serving Me. However, you are not called to be approved of men; you are called to be approved of Me. Because you are Mine, the world will hate you and rise up in fits of uncontrollable rage and anger against you.

However, do not return evil for evil. Rather pray for such ones, because they are caught in the traps the devil has set for them and they are headed to hell forever. I do not want you to be ensnared and entangled in their worlds of vengeance and hatred.