Beyond Doubt and into Faith

I speak unto you this day and I say that doubt is an obstacle in the way and attempts to stop many from continuing in the course that I have set before them. However, it is possible through Me to go beyond the demonic power of doubt and press onward in faith. Therefore, do not allow doubt to convince you that to live for Me is an impossible feat. It is not! To live for Me is not so hard as the demons of doubt would want you to believe.

When My Son Jesus made the declaration of the power of faith, He said that if a person had faith as small as a mustard seed, such a person could move mountains. Keeping this in mind and heart, do not be taken in by the lying spirits that want you to doubt the possibility of pursuing My way in faith and coming forth each day renewed in the hope that I provide.

As was declared in the parable of the sower spoken by Jesus, not all seeds fall on good ground. However, that is no excuse to back off of believing in Jesus and giving into demonic doubt, fear, and unbelief, and by the same be overwhelmed. I do not want My people to be as those who quit in the journey because they are being assaulted and attacked by the forces of darkness that are everywhere in these sin-diseased times.

Keeping the constancy of the warfare in mind, refuse, refute, and rebuke all of the spirits that want to rob you of your salvation. Reality is that you are not meant to be a dupe for the devil and his demons. Rather, you are to be aware that you are meant to be determined to fulfill the divine destiny that I have for you and to keep your vision single unto Me.

The more that you are following in the steps of My Son Jesus, the more that you will understand how much the devil and his demons hate true united believers and seek to see them destroyed. Be aware that Jesus was determined, and He finished His course in obedience. As you are continuing in His steps, it becomes more and more evident that you must daily face the onslaught of demonic powers and rebuke them and cast them out.

I have given to you the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into all truth. Therefore do not stop and listen to demons of any kind. Reality is that the agenda of demons is as their father the devil intends: to kill, steal, and destroy. Do not by any means be enticed and seduced into the realms of iniquity that await any and all who will listen to the demons in their cunning craftiness.

Even while the demons will project themselves as superior, they are not superior at all. In fact, they are defeated foes, for My Son Jesus defeated them on the cross, and they remain under your feet if you are aware of the authority that you have over them through Jesus, your Savior and Lord. Be glad that you can daily take dominion and walk on and cast out and off of you all of the parasite demons that want to suck out your life in Me. These parasites want to leave you hopeless and helpless.

If you look at the vast multitudes who are homeless, hopeless, and helpless, which are a plague upon the land, consider how many of them are ex-believers who gave way to the voices of demons rather than listening to My Spirit. If such ones were in their right minds, many of them would tell the facts that they put themselves in such conditions because they chose to listen to the lies of lying spirits rather than Me.

If you look at the absolute distress that is so common in these times, it is because the majority have gone a whoring from Me and are accepting the insanity of these times as “the way of life.” More and more people are caving in to the darkness that is ever inviting them into the caves of despair and doubt wherein they can curl up and die spiritually.

As you consider the conditions that are presenting themselves to the vast multitudes, do not think that I go easy on those who choose against Me. I absolutely do not agree with the ones who have turned back from the way of light to go into the way of darkness. Most of these who have chosen against Me become totally possessed of demons and are driven by the same.

More and more, the proof of the hysterical insanity that is possessing national and global leaders is evidenced in the never-ending pride, boasting, and threatening they are declaring. The absolute absence of respect for Me is tremendous and is causing more and more havoc, violence, depression, despair and death daily. People are calling evil good and good is being declared as evil because of the plagues of doubt, fear, and unbelief that hold so many in captivity and slavery to such forces.

There is only one way out of the demonic diabolic pit, and that way is through the return to faith in Me as the Almighty God whose power and glory remain forever. Realize that tribes, nations, and empires have come and gone and are remembered no more. This is because they were inwardly devastated by the sin-disease, then outwardly destroyed by Me in My wrath, fury and indignation against them for the sins they committed.

Absolutely abstain from doubt and its accompanying darkness and death. Rather, continually press into the faith that you need to overcome and be found well pleasing to Me. The more that you increase in faith by going beyond doubt, the more that you will see it is absurd to allow doubt, fear and unbelief to rob you or any other true believer. Keep aggressively moving onward in the faith, and know that I prevail and so shall you!