My Sheep Follow Me

I speak unto you this day and I say that those who are truly the sheep of My fold will hear My voice and they will follow Me. They will not pay heed to the many voices of seducing spirits and follow the same. There are many in these times of darkness and insanity who are claiming to be the ultimate power and declaring that people are to follow them.

However, know that such voices are not of Me, for I do not intend for My sheep to go after the profanity, the vanity, the insanity of these times and become totally confused and deluded. My intention is that My sheep would pay heed to no other voice and adhere to Me, for I am their shepherd. I am not as the hireling shepherds who desert the flock and leave them to be destroyed and devoured by demon spirits.

I have given to My people the Holy Spirit to lead and guide them into all truth, and as they are accepting the guidance, the commands, and instructions that are given by My Spirit, they are going to be led in My way. Why should I want My sheep to be led into a thicket or fall into the rivers or be trapped by wild demons that will tear them to pieces? I say that I do not. I want true shepherds, not hirelings who desert the sheep and care only for their own gain and fame.

By careful observation, you will see that the majority of those men and women who call themselves shepherds are literally hirelings. They are only out to make for themselves a “successful career” and are using the guise of religion in order to achieve the same. They do not care for My sheep, nor do they guide them in My way. Rather, they lead them into the world to get caught up in the ruination that is found in the same.

Be glad that you do not have to be a part of their corruption, with the intended destruction that it brings. I want you to pay close heed to My Spirit and be guided forth in the straight and narrow way that leads to eternal life in Me. You are not meant to be pursuing the vanity and insanity of the world’s people and end up bankrupt before Me. You are meant to keep your vision clear, that is, upon Me as the One you love and want to please, and in such behavior, I am pleased with you.

It is foolishness for My sheep to be enticed away from Me by listening to the many voices that are found everywhere in these times. My sheep will hear Me, and they will not follow any other power source into the ditch of destruction and damnation.

When you see those who were called to be My sheep turn aside from Me, what do you see? You will see that they are taken down in the way of destruction and devastation, and they will end in the fires of damnation because they choose to depart from Me for the folly of the world.

Of course, their spiritual adultery most likely came through listening to hireling shepherds who were full of worldliness themselves. Know that those who have chosen to be damned do so because they obey the lust of their flesh rather than the voice of My Spirit. In so choosing, they become the captives of demons, who in turn take them on the broad way that leads to their destruction and damnation.

If you really consider how stupid it is to listen to the seducing and enchanting voices of demon spirits rather than My Spirit, you can see clearly that My true sheep will refuse all other voices. This is because they know My voice and they will not follow any other voices. Be glad with great rejoicing that it is Me you are privileged to serve, to please, and to obey with gladness and give yourselves completely unto.

Those who have abandoned all to follow in the steps of My Son Jesus to be My Sheep will be attentive and alert in the spirit dimension in order to keep in the reality of relationship with Me. They will not prove to be adulterous, nor will they promote themselves. Essentially, they will realize the importance of integrity in their conduct before Me as well as those who observe them.

Do not be seeking your counsel of the world, for the same is based on the delusion and deceit of demons. Even those who are considered to be wise in the eyes of the world are foolish before Me. For all of the bragging, the huffing and puffing of those who are full of deceit, realize that they are not able to give godly counsel at all. Instead, their counsel will lead them to nothing but emptiness in the end. Absolutely do not follow them in any way whatsoever, for their road is rocky and ends in the canyons of depression, despair, and damnation.

Serve Me each day in the attitude of gratitude, for I will give you all that you need to walk uprightly, for I am the strength of My people. More and more, people are being shown that through Me, multitudes are being faced with the choices that will determine their eternal destinations. My sheep will not be overwhelmed by deceiving spirits; My sheep will pay heed to My Spirit voice, which will guide them forth in the purity that I have intended.

If you consider how wretched those are who end in hell, it is because they have chosen to go down in destruction and damnation and think the same will be a “great party.” No, it will be a “great and everlasting place of torment,” and they will not be able to leave the continual fires that will come upon them day and night. Repeatedly, those who are sheep who turned aside will be burned by the fires to behold their own stupidity and darkness.