As the Sun Arises, See Me Arise

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not take on the dreariness of these dark times when the wicked are in rule and imagine nothing but evil lies ahead. Remember, it is not up to them; it is up to Me, and it is Me the Living God who is well able to show forth My mighty power revealed. Therefore, do not be eager to follow those who are full of insanity and imagine themselves to be great and invincible.

I have never intended for My people to be subject to those who are full of violations of divine law, yet demanding My people obey their laws that are full of insanity. While there are many who will declare that they must obey the laws of the land, know that they are fearful. That means that they have come under the tyranny of the terror and are therefore ruled by the same.

As My people, do not bow down nor be subject to the terror that is over the nation as a huge, heavy dark cloud. You are not meant to look to evil men and women as your rulers, for they are not! I alone am your God and the One you are meant to stay attentive unto at all times. Keeping this in mind, see how often you are tempted to bow to fear and go down under the same. Do not give in to such temptations and be taken down into the depths of depression by the tactics of terror.

In this wicked, perverse, and vile generation, I want you to look to Me and to keep your eyes set upon Me and see Me arise! I hear the cries of those who are daily sighing and crying out to Me as they see the horrid ugliness of men and women gone mad with power. I never intended for you to be found bound in hopelessness. I have called you to be uplifted and brought forth in the hope that I alone am able to give.

When it is Me that you keep focused upon, you will see that I have called you to be radically opposed to evil and to refuse, refute, and rebuke such oppression and depression as the same brings. Be thankful that through Me you are empowered and enlightened to have understanding enough not to give to demons what they are demanding.

Realize that through your inheritance in My Son Jesus, you do have power and authority over the demonic spirits that are constantly looking to destroy anyone who opposes them. Inasmuch as the majority of people now are easily deceived, the demonic powers have grown fat and content with the numbers who are in subjectivity to them. Of course, when they see or hear of the united and true believers in Jesus who oppose them, they are enraged and determined to destroy such ones.

However, I am with those who will stay true to Me and confident that I am the only light they are meant to look to, for I will arise and the enemies will be scattered. When people have been under dark and gloomy days, they long for the sight of the sun arising. So it is that I want people to be longing for and groaning to see Me arise and to render defeat to the proud, arrogant deceivers who are full of hatred.

Those who will keep steadily look unto Me will not be disappointed, for they will see that I send to them over and over My angels. I send such ministering spirits when the oppression becomes extreme. These warrior angels will do battle in behalf of the ones who are looking to Me, and they will see that I am indeed well able.

Be thankful that I am ever present and I have not forsaken the ones who are needy of Me. Those who are full of deceit and want the destruction that will be rendered to the wicked will be found among the damned. However, those who want Me will not be afraid to be radical and revolutionary for My kingdom. That means that they will not bend the knee to evil powers and obey their commands of wickedness.

When you are witnessing the demise of things as they are, do not live in sad disappointment, for it is Me the Living God who will arise and bring down the oppressors and those who are operating under the power of terror. Therefore, be rejoicing that I will arise and that when I do, there is no power of men, nations, or demons that can stand against Me.

Know of a surety that in Me you are kept, guided, directed, and instructed by My Spirit. Do not push off the directives and guidance of the Spirit. Rather receive the same with gladness, knowing that it is by the same you will be kept when multitudes are dying of fear as their hearts are failing them. You who will keep single in your vision, that is upon Me, will not be made afraid. Rather, you will see beyond the demonic mirage and know that I am indeed the Almighty and the One you are meant to obey.

Rejoice even in these times that it is Me who is the high tower of strength and safety, and it is Me who will give you the courage and bravery to do battle and not turn back. I have intended for those who are looking to Me to be increased in their faith, hope, and trust in Me.

Do not waver, nor look to any other god or power source, for you are not meant to be subject to the powers that pass away. Look to Me, and do not be ashamed, for I will indeed provide for you, protect you, and propel you onward as it is Me you rely upon.

Therefore, be glad as you see Me arise in your behalf and the behalf of others who love and trust Me. Give thanks and praise unto Me, and know that I am with you, that I inhabit those praises and I am the One True Eternal God who arises and defeats the enemies.