Frigid, Rigid, Frozen, or Chosen?

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not want My people to be frigid, rigid, and frozen, and therefore unable to be chosen because through dumb choices they are stuck and cannot move. There are multitudes who take the first step and receive Jesus as Lord and Savior in their hearts.

However, because of their unwillingness to allow Him to melt the former lifestyle by the fires of the Holy Spirit, they do not move onward. Instead, they become rigid and set up in the doctrines of men. In such a place, they develop in religion, but they do not make progress in relationship to My Son, Myself, or My Spirit.

When people are rigid and unwilling to listen to the directions and corrections of My Spirit, they are no longer abiding in Me, for they are choosing religion above relationship, and in the same they die. Needless to say, there are churches everywhere that are rigid in their beliefs, and some of those are not righteous at all. However, those who are frozen in such places become extremely opposed to change and moving onward. Therefore, they are unable to be chosen because they do not choose Me.

This does not mean that they were not called; this means that they did not adhere to the call. By such refusals, they are locked in the prison houses of religion and grow proud, judgmental, and arrogant in the same. Consider that in the stench of their death they are repulsive to Me. This is because they are being consumed by the demons of religion they have chosen above Me. Believe Me, there are vast multitudes of churchgoers who never ever experience My miracles.

When they see or hear of the manifestation and demonstration of My miracle power, they refuse to believe in the same. They suffer under various afflictions, pains, sicknesses and diseases because they refuse to believe that there are miracles available for them. Instead, they criticize and analyze and do not open up their hearts to the Holy Spirit’s call to them to follow in the steps of Jesus and to do the works that He did.

Sad to say, because so many who I called to demonstrate My power took the glory unto themselves, they put a sourness on the subjects of miracles, healing, deliverance, and restoration. Because of the misconduct of such vessels, multitudes find the same a justification to be frigid, rigid, and frozen in their religious captivity.

It is not My intention that men and women would corrupt what I pour forth by taking the glory that belongs to Me. However, it is also not My ordination that people would close their hearts to Me and refuse to follow My Spirit in the realm of many blessings that I have in preparation. Instead, they choose to do things “their own way,” and in the same some even abandon the concept of salvation. If you stop and consider, how foolish it is to abandon the very mercies that I have intended for humanity and choose misery instead! For sure, that is the work of demonic invasion.

Just as in the days when Jesus was physically present on earth declaring My kingdom, the proud and arrogant religionists refused the reality of relationship with Me through salvation in Jesus. Instead, they chose to remain closed to Him and the very mercies He delighted to demonstrate and provide. Every time these religious ones heard of His miracle power to heal the sick, cast out demons, restore the dead to life again, they grew more and more angry. In fact, their hatred was so intense for the true demonstrations of My kingdom that they sought to defame, devastate, and destroy Jesus. In fact, their ultimate goal was to have Him put to death.

However, all of their plots and schemes proved to be for nothing. For although Jesus was taken into captivity because of the betrayal of Judas, He did not faint at the thought of the crucifixion that was awaiting Him. Why? Because He understood that He would by the same take dominion over the world, the flesh, and the devil, and that death would no longer be feared by believers. So, the self-righteous religious continued in their great scheme.

They assumed that if they could put Jesus to death, they would kill the truth that He spoke and that no longer would the people flock to hear Him tell them of the power of My kingdom. They were extremely jealous and envious of Jesus because as My Son, He demonstrated My kingdom and sent the demons to flight that had certain people completely bound. Inasmuch as these leaders were operating under the power of demons, they were not only in hatred; they were also locked into fear that they would lose their positions of power over the people.

Be aware that I knew exactly what they were up to, for after they thought they had the “great and final victory” over Jesus, I raised Him to life again and they could not do anything about it. Then, even more people believed upon Him and followed His teachings after He had ascended and returned to Me.

Therefore, they were defeated, and the Gospel was spread with signs following, and people believed because they beheld the glory of My kingdom. However, these religious demons continued their work of persecuting the true believers and seeking to have them destroyed. These same demons are around today and are “politically correct,” seeking to have the true believers eradicated. Nevertheless, the truth still marches on!