Mind Manipulators Bring Madness

I speak unto you this day and I say: Beware the mind manipulators who are widespread in these times. Such manipulators come constantly through Media and her minions in order to gain control over the multitudes and take them into the realms of madness. I do not want you to be under such control, for you are called to be under the control of My Holy Spirit and by the same be uplifted and guided, brought forth in the clarity of a sound mind.

As is very evident, there are vast multitudes who are operating under such darkness and by the same are found bound in depression, despair, desolation and destruction. Of these, some are found totally hysterical and bound by fear; others are caught in the trap of hopelessness, homelessness, and addiction.

The forces of evil do not change their agendas, even though they may change their tactics. Their intentions remain the same: to kill, steal, and destroy any and all who are walking uprightly in Me. This is because those who are adhering to Me are a total threat to such demon forces. The demons know that My true ones are able to cast them out and cause their evil works to come to an end. For such cause, the demons fear and live in hatred towards the righteous ones who adhere to Me.

The mind manipulators are intending to bring millions to such madness that the whole earth is out of balance and the land mourns under the filthiness and abominations that have transpired on the same. Because they are desiring destruction, the minions of Media are constantly bombarding with an entire spectrum of mind manipulations to bring forth madness in and upon the multitudes who are subject to them.

People become subject by accepting the forces of evil as though they are good, and failing to realize the evil that is present to devour them as lions devour their prey. I do not want My people to be subject to such forces, inasmuch as they are Mine and are meant to be adhering to the Mind of My Spirit, which is holy. Therefore, count it a privilege to see that it is Me the Living God that you are meant to adhere to and believe in, for My Spirit is ever with you to guide you in My way.

When you see how deranged the world’s power mongers are, it is because they are operating under the power of evil and are full of demon forces which cause them to act out insanity. Those who are desirous for worldly gain will easily adhere to such fools, for they see only what they can gain and are not at all involved in what I will do for them.

Therefore, in this wicked and perverse generation, do not be naive and dumb. Rather operate in the discernment that My Spirit will give to you to show you the difference between good and evil. I do not intend for My people to be caught up in the agenda of destruction that ends in damnation. My people are called to adhere to the principles of salvation and call others to follow in the same, for such is the way of life eternal.

The endless multitudes who are adhering to death are full of the vanity of their own wicked imaginations, and because of such, they are foolish children and I find no pleasure in them. Therefore, do not be accepting of the stupidity mindset which is coming out by Media, for the goals of this ancient demonic goddess are definitely evil and she is wickedness. In actuality, this goddess is the enemy of Wisdom and constantly is opposing the godliness that comes through Wisdom.

Because of open eye vision, some of those who are Mine are crying out against the wickedness that is being constantly poured forth. However, those who believe the lies of wickedness above the wisdom of truth will do so because they are lovers of their own evil doings. I do not find pleasure in the ones who are aware and purposely choosing to adhere to the agenda of Media and her minions.

Do not be spreaders of evil tidings. Rather proclaim the Good News that salvation is brought to the ones who are needy of Me and desire My way. Jesus My Son is the Savior, and there is no other way whereby men, women, and children can be saved, spared from the penalty of their sins. If you stop and consider how fortunate you are to be found among the redeemed, it is indeed not only a privilege, but also a responsibility, for since you have been saved, you cannot leave others to perish under the mind manipulators who intend only to destroy.

Therefore, continue to declare the Gospel to all, and the signs of the power of My kingdom will follow you. Many will be set free of the mind manipulators and come under the redemptive goodness found under Jesus Christ, the Savior. By such, the army of true and united believers will be multiplied and will push back the darkness that is attempting to destroy all of humanity.

Be thankful that you can serve Me each and every day in the attitude of gratitude and not be found wearied by the ugliness that is attempting to gain control. The works of darkness may offer a false aura of beauty, but the underlying motives are to enchant and seduce others into the web of Media and her minions through manipulations.

Keep up the onslaught against such deceits and realize that the devil and his demons, including Media, are defeated by the truth and those who will be bold enough to declare the same. In this time of insanity, be thankful to be sane!