Do Not Fear, Only Believe!

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be aware that the enemies do not want you to believe in Me. Rather, they want you to be in the constancy of fear, which brings torment and causes many troubles and sorrows. The reason that the enemies want to cause you to fear is because they are plagued by fears themselves and are trying by the same to devastate and destroy you. Why do they want to see you destroyed? It is because they imagine if they destroy you, they destroy the truth.

However, they are fools, for the truth remains, and those who believe the truth will see that they have nothing to fear, least of all the enemies who are defeated by Jesus, My Son. Jesus did not manifest a life of fear or trembling over what might happen to Him. No, He knew what would happen to Him, and by the same He continued to believe in Me and the purpose for which I sent Him to complete His earthly mission.

He did not allow the wicked to overwhelm Him with all of their plots and schemes, because by and through His relationship with Me, He knew fully well that those who were wicked would indeed be overwhelmed and that I would prevail. By and through His understanding, He was able to face everything and not turn back.

So many want to have excuses for their own unbelief and fear, but there are no excuses that are acceptable to Me. My people are meant to continue believing in Me and knowing that I am able. Therefore, do not allow fear and an evil heart of unbelief to be found in you. Rather rebuke, refute, and refuse all doubtful demons that would attempt to get you in captivity and bondage to their lies.

When you see the ones who have turned back from following Jesus, where do they end? They will end up destitute of the truth and taken far from Me because they are the ones who have yielded themselves to fear and unbelief. In an effort to cover their own failures, they will continually lash out at the ones who have continued steadfast and unmovable in the truth.

Those who know by conscience that they are lying will keep on lying because they have yielded themselves to the wicked forces that seduced them and enticed them away from Me. Realize that they are full of evil, for they have yielded themselves to the same.

Be thankful this day that you do not need to be bound in the forces of unbelief and fear. Rather, you can come forth ever uplifted in the power of believing in My words. Stop and consider how important it is that you hold steadfast to Me and do not deviate from what My expectations and purposes are for you. It is My intention that those who believe would receive salvation, healing, miracles, deliverance, and restoration. My Word does not return to Me void, and whatsoever it is that I speak, is.

If those who are claiming to be Mine would simply adhere to Me, they would find that I do not leave them in hopeless and helpless subjectivity to demons and their plots of destruction. Sad to say, those who make the claim that they love Me do not believe and therefore they do not receive the supernatural gifts that I have in store. Instead, by their own choices they settle for the pretension of religion rather than the way of My Spirit.

I want My people to be enabled as Jesus was enabled by My Spirit to do the supernatural works that people who believed would receive: the healing, the miracles, the deliverance, the restoration that is found in My kingdom. Those who will not back up on declaring the gospel will be confirmed, for the signs will follow them.

Be glad that you can trust that as you preach the gospel, there is no need to regret or be ashamed of the same. The signs of My supernatural and almighty kingdom will follow, and people will get a preview of the life, the love, and the light are found in Me as the One True God. The more that you rebuke fear and believe, the more that you will bear witness to the fact that the Spirit will move here and now for those who believe.

So often, the ones who are the most unbelieving are the ones who are claiming to be Christians. However, such ones are bound in religious excuse-making for the lack of the signs following. This is because they have accepted the church view that the power is passed away and all that remains is the particular doctrine of unbelief they spout.

I do not want such; I want people to believe and receive what it is that I give forth. Jesus did not limit the manifestations of My Spirit power to the Jews, but He let the flow go forth to those who believed. Therefore, know that in these times I want to manifest the power that is in My kingdom to the ones who believe. This means that sinners will come to receive Jesus and likewise be touched by the power of My Spirit that moved through Jesus, My Son.

Be glad even this day that you do not need to advocate religious rhetoric. Rather, you can manifest the power of the Holy Spirit as multitudes who are needy receive as they believe. My Spirit is not limited, nor is the same boxed up and sent only to a certain sect, church, or race. My power is waiting to show forth and give the true treasures to all who will believe.

Therefore, this day arm yourselves with the full armor and continue steadfast in the war for souls. Do not turn back. Believe and see My power revealed.