Malicious Mentality is Fatality

I speak unto you this day and I say that those who have a malicious mentality are always seeking out inventions in their minds and acting out the same. By such behaviors, they are ensuring themselves fatality as far as receiving favor from Me. Be aware that I am not interested in providing for the ones who only want to do evil and are inwardly very rebellious against Me, the One true God who remains.

It is I who made men and women upright in the very beginning, yet they are the ones who, by seeking inventions, were easily seduced and taken into lies by the serpent who beguiled Eve. She in turn took the poison of the devil’s enticements and transmitted them to her husband, Adam, who had heard from Me firsthand and knew that the fruit of the tree was forbidden.

However, because of their own hearts, they chose against the truth and ate of lies. The consequences were fatal to their relationship with Me. They were banished from the Garden and had to labor for their daily bread by the sweat of their brows. Before they ate of deceit, they were amply provided for.

Over and over, this sin repeats itself in the lives of those who claim that they are serving Me. They will not be satisfied with what I provide. Rather, they imagine that they know better than I do. If you really consider the malicious mentality of such proud thoughts originating in the love of self rather than Me, they are fatality to the relationship with Me.

In the sin of inventions, men and women have brought forth religion and the establishment of the same. Such are full of evil and greed, whereby the “great leaders” have set themselves up to lead people into captivity and keep them from relationship with Me. As is evident, the same is the work of the serpent’s beguiling techniques and causes many sorrows, troubles, and torments to the ones who are easily beguiled.

Be aware that I never established religion, yet men and women have brought forth the same because they see themselves as equals with Me and even higher than I am. If you consider the poisonous pride that such systems emit, those who follow them oftentimes end up deeply bitter and estranged from Me. This is because of the lies they swallowed from the religionists. So, these “great religious leaders” actually cause My sheep and My lambs to be poisoned and to lose their hope and trust in Me.

I do not want My people to be subject to religion. I want them to be in true relationship with Me, for I am the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end. It is by keeping one’s heart in right relationship with Me that souls are brought forth and enabled to enter into My kingdom which remains forever.

How sinful are the hearts of those who have the malicious mentality which brings fatality to the multitudes? I tell you that they will not get by on Me, and while they imagine in the wealth made from greedy gain and oppression of the poor that they will remain forever, they will not. This is because I will bring them down! They will face Me in the end and find that all of their lies will be their torments in hell.

In hell, they will have no authority or power, and they will be under continual torments—the torments of the damned! Do you think that I find pleasure in such ones? No, they are a stench to Me, for the very representations that they put forth are abomination, and they will end in desolation, devastation, and damnation for their evil deeds while on earth. There is no one who gets by on Me!

Be thankful even this day that it is Me that you can serve with gladness and rejoicing, knowing that I will uplift you and guide you forth by a plain path as you are adhering to Me as the One you love and want to please. As you are being exercised in discernment, do not fall for the trap of false unity, for the same is a disguise that religious demons use to captivate multitudes.

You are not meant to be in unity with religions demons. You are meant to be in relationship with Me, for I am the One True God whose power and glory remain. Therefore, be glad that it is Me that you can serve each and every day. Do not enter into covenants with those who are the seed of serpentine spirits. Rather keep adhering to Me and knowing that you are not meant to be found bound by the deceivers who are abundant in these times.

Inasmuch as the covering over the nation is perversity, profanity, vanity, and insanity, do not be shocked at how many will follow after vain and profane persons, all to their own destruction, desolation, and damnation. When I warn you through discernment to not make covenants with vile persons, obey the same with thankfulness and be made glad, not sad.

Those who want to accept the lies of lying messengers will find themselves entangled in the malicious mentality of fatality because of acceptance of lies. Remember that the first humans were deceived and likewise banished. I do not desire such a place for those who love Me.

Therefore, keep steadily believing in the commands and dictates given to you by My Spirit, for the same are meant to guide you forth by a plain path and give to you the newness of life, love, and light that I intend for you. Do not be enticed, seduced, and separated from Me. Be adhering to Me as your lifeline and the One you will obey.

Remember, religion is poisonous and intended to end all its followers in fatality because it is birthed and continues by the invention of those of malicious mentality.