Deaf and Dumb by Choice

I speak unto you this day and I say that there are multitudes among those who are claiming to be My people who are deaf and dumb by choice. That means literally they have ears to hear, but they refuse to listen to My Spirit and My messengers who come to them. Likewise, they become dumber and dumber by their choices against Me and My purpose for their lives.

Such ones as these are choosing to live in the troubles they are in, because while they speak of Me with their lips, their hearts are far from Me. They play dumb, while in reality they are scheming against Me. This they do because they have played the whore on Me and taken up the gods of the heathen.

They refuse to confess their sins and turn from the same. Rather, they dive headlong into the cesspool of sin and claim their innocence, when their sins are evident before Me. Be aware that I am not mocked, and the very heathen they have committed their fornication with will become their oppressors and dictators.

There is none who gets by on Me, and the more that My people want to pretend to love Me, the more they will be punished at the hands of the heathen. I do not find pleasure in a people whose hearts are far from Me while their mouths are full of flattering words with no heart at all for Me.

Why should I find pleasure in such hypocrites and mockers who are pursuing the course of their own destruction and despair? I do not, and I leave them to the very gods they are choosing because they refuse to listen to the correction and instruction in righteousness that I desire to give unto them.

Be glad even this day that you do not need to be subject to such ones and imagine that they are all right, in order to maintain a false unity. I do not expect My true ones to be in false unity with pretenders, mockers, and scoffers who are walking after their own lusts. No, I expect them to come forth ever thankful that it is Me that they serve and it is Me that they are meant to obey at all times.

Be glad that you can be united unto Me as the One who cares for you and has brought you forth to fulfill My purpose for your lives. The more that you see how important it is to be true to Me and My calling for you, the easier it becomes to spot the fakes and the flakes who are merely parasites who will suck off of the true believers.

I want you to become more and more aware of such deceivers because they are literally workers of worldliness and are motivated by demons. They pretend and pretend, until they come to the place where they have become nothing but actors playing the roles such as demons drive them to. They have no integrity with Me, nor do they long to be real with Me. They actually have become accustomed to their harlotry to the extent that they cannot find satisfaction in any spiritual or natural relationship they have.

Realize that as My people, you are not meant to be unfaithful or untrue towards Me. Instead, I desire fidelity from you because you are called to walk in the steps of My Son, Jesus, who stayed true to Me and did not deviate from the purpose I called and commissioned Him to. When you make it your effort to be faithful unto Me, then you are found to be well pleasing and receive the blessings I have for you.

Those who continue to play the whore and conduct themselves in the ways of the world and the gods of the heathen will grow more and more incapable of truth and reality in their lives. Instead, they will be pursuing the course that the enemies have for them, and they will do so literally by their own willful and stubborn resistance against Me. Therefore, do not be yielding to them nor taking on their attitudes, for they are full of misconduct and rebellion against Me.

Inasmuch as I give to you discernment of spirits, let that gift operate in you that you are not found among the deaf and dumb. Be knowing of a surety that oftentimes My people are deceived because they want the lies of liars and the pretension of the fakers because they too are living in sins.

When those who are claiming to be Mine choose to pursue the sins of the heathen and to worship a multitude of other gods, they become insane. This is because they cannot serve two masters, and in trying to do so, they are driven by demons to the point of losing their sanity.

Know that in the realms where people are under the influences of the demonic powers of madness in these times, they will not come forth in light. They will walk in the darkness they choose because they want to continue in their sins and still claim they love Me.

If they loved Me, they would turn from their wicked ways and repent to My Son Jesus Christ and be transformed by the renewing and washing of their minds by My Word. Instead, they are the ones who play dumb and act as though they have no conscience. The truth is, they have conscience but deny the conviction of the same because they are stubborn and proud and determined for death rather than life.

This is why I give to you discernment that you are not taken in by their deceptions and delusions. Be thankful that you do not need to be among the company of the damned who are choosing the same. I have My remnant who are remaining true to Me, and the same I unite you unto. Fidelity to Me is not found in the caverns of religion, but rather in the relationship My people maintain with Me.