Confinement Alignment

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is important that My people be in proper alignment with Me. That is, it is My intention that they would be in the condition of cooperation with My Spirit. Oftentimes, those who claim to be My people allow themselves to become preoccupied with the cares of this life.

When that comes about, it is Me the Living God who will send upon them seasons of confinement. Those who truly love and want to please Me will take such seasons as a time to draw near to Me and to seek My face and desire My counsel. My people are not meant to seek their counsel of the world and become absorbed in the world’s values and outlooks. Rather, My people are to draw near to Me and realize all over again the importance of being in the condition of cooperation with My Spirit.

Therefore, in this wicked and perverse generation, do not despise when My Spirit leads you into the seasons of confinement for precision alignment with what I desire of you. The purpose for those who truly love Me is to do My will and not their own. Those who are looking to achieve their own wills have departed from Me as their first love. The consequences of such straying are that My people quit praying and begin staying in the world rather than seeking for Me.

Be thankful that I the Living God do love you and desire for you to stay in the way that I ordain, that you would bear abundance of fruit for My kingdom. It has never been My intention that My people would grow for a time and a season, and then die off and be blown away by the winds of worldliness. It is My intention that My people would continue to abide in Me and be in the condition of cooperation with Me that they would bear much fruit even in old age.

It is to their good and My glory when those who are Mine are in full cooperation and aligned with the mind of My Spirit and not the deranged mind of the world. Remember, the wisdom of the world is foolishness before Me, and I do not recommend that My people would seek their counsel of those whose wisdom is not godly.

When My people are forever mingling with the world, they are causing themselves distress and will be overwhelmed in the same. There is no reason for My people to be overtaken by the perversity, profanity, vanity, and insanity of the world. Through My Son, Jesus Christ, My people are intended to come forth in dominion power and are not meant to be subject to the ruling demonic forces of this world.

Be glad that it is Me the Living God who wants you to be fully aware of the power, the strength, and the dominion power that you have through your inheritance in Jesus. Likewise, you are meant to make use of your inheritance and not leave the same to lay dormant within yourselves. The purpose that you are brought forth in My way is to do My will and not the will of demons or your own carnality.

Keeping this in mind, do not enter into covenants with the world whereby you are obligated unto them to give them obedience and be their servants. Rather rejoice that you are indeed being guided by My Spirit and by the same kept in the straight and narrow way that leads to eternal life. When you see the desolated, isolated, lonely and desperate ones who are everywhere, be glad that you are found in Me as the One who cares for you.

When people refuse to use the confinements I put in their lives to seek Me and desire My Spirit’s leading and guiding, they are left in the desolation, the desperation, the destitution that comes upon them. Reality is that the demonic forces that are alive and well in these times are ever roaming, seeking for those who are unprotected that they may devour them. I do not want you to be devoured; I want you to be finding your delight in Me and coming forth knowing that I am the One who is ever with you.

Those who are proud and full of themselves must continually put on an outward display of power, when reality is they are essentially powerless because they are reliant on the arm of flesh. When people are trusting in themselves, they are trusting in the arm of flesh, and the same brings them curses rather than blessings. I do not want My people to take up the spirits of independence from Me. Such spirits cause them to be uncovered and unavailable for Me to give them what they have need of.

As you are serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude, you will not need to have pride as your covering, nor will you be promoting yourselves. Instead, you will understand that the humility way that is provided to you is the way of safety, for you are covered by Me. Those who are under My covering and in the condition of cooperation with My Spirit are the ones who will receive the blessings I have in store.

There is no limit to Me and what I am able to do, and I want My people to be aware of the truth that I will provide, protect, and select the ones who want Me more than the world. The ones who prove to want the world more than Me will become as dead branches because they are no longer abiding in Me as their source of life, love, and light. In their condition of death, they will be subject to every wind of worldliness that wants to blow them, and they will not be able to resist such adversity. Thank Me for My covering.