Triumph over Terror

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not live in terror, for it is through Me the Living God that you shall be able to triumph over terror and by the same be brought forth rejoicing. It is not My intention that My people would live in fear of their persecutors, for I am the God who is able to bring down the ones who are terrorizing and persecuting the ones who are Mine.

Therefore take every opportunity to bear witness of Me and to declare the salvation that is available through Jesus Christ, My Son. I do not want you to come under the coverings of the world, nor of the evil men and women of this world, because you are not citizens of earthly kingdoms, you are citizens of My eternal kingdom.

Keeping this in mind, be aware that you are not meant to be living in fear of what the evildoers can do against you. Rather keep your trust, your confidence, your hope stayed upon Me, for I am indeed the Almighty and I bring down the wicked by one stroke of My hand.

In the days of the early Christian believers, the wicked religionists sought to destroy the truth that Jesus saves men, women, and children from the penalty of their sins. With demonic determination, they set out to destroy all believers and cause them to be scattered, tattered, persecuted, prosecuted, and put in prison. With vicious and misguided zeal, they made it their goal to utterly destroy the true believers in My Son, Jesus Christ.

However, they did not prevail in all of their wicked plots and schemes, for My people did not become silent. Rather, they took every opportunity to declare Jesus and His saving power. Because of the presence of My Holy Spirit in them and upon them, miracles were shown forth, and many were converted by the demonstrations shown forth. Even some who had been under the guidance of demonic powers turned from the same and were converted to Christ upon hearing the declaration and seeing the demonstrations of miracles by those declaring the gospel.

The majority of believers in those days were not filled with fear or anxiety over what would become of them. Instead, they followed the call to all and put the declaration of My kingdom above the keeping of their own lives. They did not love themselves more than Me. Rather, they chose to abandon all that was important to the maintenance of their earthly lives to declare the importance of My Son and His saving power.

Of course, there were signs following, and many believed who had not known of Jesus. Those early believers did not count their own lives as more important than the declaration of the gospel. Rather, they chose to declare Him as My Spirit sent them forth. They were indeed counted worthy and by the same continued steadfast in the proclamation and demonstration of My kingdom.

So, as they believed and saw multitudes brought into My fold, so do I desire that those who are claiming to be Mine in these times would be so bold and steadfast in their declaration of My kingdom. Sad to say, however, many of those who are professing to be believers are actually steeped in unbelief and are living in doubt, intimidation, and terror. This is because they are loving themselves more than they love Me.

If you stop and consider that Jesus suffered in all points and He laid His life down to the point of dying on the cross for the redemption of humankind, cannot those who are professing they love Me walk in His steps? I have given Jesus as the first-born among many, and I want those who are born of incorruptible seed to realize the power of the same. I do not want My people to be held in the grips of terror. Rather, I want them to triumph over terror and see My glory prevail.

Consider if you will what came upon the infamous persecutor Saul. He sought to have the true believers done away with everywhere he went, and he was determined with demonically inspired religious zeal to get his way. However, his agenda was thwarted when I struck him down and he became blind on the road to where he intended to exercise more terror upon the believers. He was no longer able to see as he was blinded and spoken to by My Son in reference to his persistent persecution of the true believers. He was unable to see at all and was virtually helpless in his blinded state.

With this in mind, do not fear the persecutors, for it is Me the Living God who is well able to deal with them according to My divine justice and render them helpless and useless. If such ones do not repent, then they are counted as the damned who have chosen the same. Know that the rest of their lives on earth will be filled with the misery of their choices against Me, My Son, My Spirit, and My people.

However, those who will repent and turn from their wicked agendas will see My power revealed, and I will use them as witnesses to the power of My kingdom and the glory of the same. They shall be as those raised from the dead and the captivity of religion. I do not call men and women to be religious idiots; I call them to be true believers who will determinedly abandon their way for My way. Be thankful even this day that you can walk in such a way and love Me above your own selves.

Therefore continue steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the works that you are called unto. Take the dominion authority that has been given to you over demons, and see those who have been terrorizing become terrorized and witness triumph over them. Thank Me that you are of My kingdom.