Godly Wisdom or Worldliness?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: Which are you operating under as those who are calling themselves My people? Do you choose to seek for and receive My wisdom, or are you entrenched and enchanted with worldliness? There are endless multitudes who eat up worldliness without respect for the fact that worldliness and all of its so-called wisdom is foolishness before Me.

Be aware that I do not intend for My people to be entrenched in the wisdom of the world, for the same is based on demonic input and control. It is not intended that those who are claiming to be Mine would seek their counsel of Egypt and make flesh their arm, which they do and think that the counsel they receive is wisdom. It is not.

The counsel that they are receiving is of the world and can only lead to deeper deceit and more ungodliness. I do not want My people to be taken in the throes of the spirits of deception and delusion that are over the world at this time. These spirits have taken vast multitudes into captivity and bondage, and will lead to perversity, profanity, and insanity.

As people are found under the coverings of demons, there is no limit to the corruption and abomination that they will participate in and contaminate others with likewise. I do not want anyone who claims to be of Me to be found under such uncleanness and vileness. Be aware that I do not call My people to wickedness. I call My people to the righteousness that comes of walking in right standing with Me.

Those who are seeking their wisdom from the world will be sadly disappointed and will grow embittered by the same. Those who are seeking godly wisdom will be made wise and given understanding in the midst of a world of total confusion and delusion.

Be thankful that it is Me that you can look to and believe, for I am indeed well able. Therefore, be glad that as you look to Me you will not be disappointed. Rather, you will see that I am the One who has given to you the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you in truth. For this, be thankful that you are not among the deceived, but rather you are among those who have wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of My kingdom.

If you stop and consider that the kingdoms of this world pass away, are brought down and remembered no more, how much better it is to be built on My kingdom principles rather than the world’s wisdom. Inasmuch as the god of this world is the devil, consider that the wisdom of the same is devilish and contrived by demons.

Men and women who are puffed up on the world’s wisdom are deceived and are constantly being shown up to be the fools they are before Me. While they brag of their great and advanced scientific discoveries, many of those “discoveries” are later proven to be false and merely the conjecture of deceiving spirits.

Be thankful each day that you can seek the godly treasures and jewels of wisdom that I give to those who desire Me and the kingdom that remains throughout all generations. I do not want you to be deceived; I want you to be at peace with Me and coming forth knowing that My Spirit is leading and guiding you at all times in truth.

How empty it is to spend one’s life here on earth chasing after deception, only to face sadness, madness, and damnation in the end. The ones who have taken up the ways of the world have taken up that which I never intended, and by the same are increasing in deception. I do not want you to be in deception when you are truly wanting Me. I will give you through the guidance of My Spirit the Way Beautiful so that you are not enchanted by the demonic powers into the way of ugliness and disappointment.

The devil, being the master of deception, uses his demonic forces to lure and enchant people into the traps and entanglements that he has prepared for them. He knows full well how to continually beguile the ones who are wise in their own eyes till they are so deceived they can no longer recognize, nor even tolerate the truth. Because of their pride, they are easily led astray and commit those things that are vile and wicked. The purpose of such maneuvering it to bring souls into captivity and bondage, to the point that they imagine that hell is one big party that they can enjoy.

No matter what level people are on as far as economics and racial identity, the fact remains that they will be devoured in the end because they have chosen the world above Me. Those who see themselves as highly intelligent and enlightened will pursue the course that has been set before them with enthusiasm, and by the same be enchanted and captured by demons. Likewise, those who are bragging on their own strength and cunning craftiness will become involved deeper and deeper in the demonic cartels which rule their lives.

Be thankful that you do not need to be involved in the worries, wizards, whores and wars that are ever present in the world. Serve Me each day in the attitude of gratitude because you are being guided by godly wisdom and are given My light to show you the way that is right to walk in.

If you ask for godly wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, so are you blessed to receive such treasures. Why not seek for the true treasures and live out your days on earth made abundant in the blessings I have for you? Pray for the ones deceived by the world that they will come into the light and be freed.